Received today from John Doheny, SACC Secretary.


Dear SACC Club Representative,
Just another gentle reminder that entry for the 2013 SACC PPI Competition is now open to members of your club.
The competition is important for two reasons; it is an SACC competition in its own right with medals for the prize winners, and it is also the SACC Regional Qualifying Round of the IPF Print & Projected Image Competition, the finals of which will be held in February 2014.
The closing date for entries is midnight this Friday 01 November 2013 which is now just over four days away.
All club members who wish to enter the competition must do so via our online entry system (powered by Picturk).  This applies for all sections/categories including prints as print titles need to be registered on the system.  Members can find the link to the entry system on our website or by clicking this link.

The competition will be held on Sunday 03 November 2013 at the Horse & Jockey Hotel, Co. Tipperary.  Note venue.  Prints can be handed in between 8:30 and 10:00 a.m. Public judging will commence at 11:00 a.m. A full schedule will be published on the SACC website over the coming days.

Please Note: 
This is the SACC Regional Qualifying Round for the IPF National Print & Projected Image Competition.  Your club must be in good standing with both organisations in order to enter.  Likewise, you must be in good standing with your own club.


John Doheny

SACC Secretary                                                                                 _______________________
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