This is our 2nd PotY competition in the current Year (2013 / 14)
(1st Print 


  • Theme: “I didn’t know that was there!”
  • Start Date: Oct 17th 2013
  • Hand In date: Dec 5th 2013
  • Judging:  Dec 12th
  • Judge: [To be confirmed]
  • Competition Type:  Print
  • Max print dimensions (including frame):  A3
  • Mount required: Yes


  1. Images must be captured between the start and hand in dates of the competition
  2. Images must be captured in Kilkenny city or county.
  3. The subject should be an interesting aspect of the environment, but not generally know to the public.
    So the objective in selecting the subject matter is to surprise the judge and elicit a “I didn’t know that was there” type of reaction.
  4. Judge(s) will award marks for:
    1. Meeting the criteria set out in 3 above.
    2. Composition
    3. Lighting
    4. Exposure
    5. Print Quality
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