We are quickly approaching the launch of our 34th Annual Exhibition on the 11th August. There are 57 members registered to exhibit and preparation for this special event involves quite a considerable amount of work which is being undertaken by two committees who are bringing together all the components to make the exhibition a success for all our members.

YOUR HELP IS REQUIRED at this stage in order to complete the preparations. This is how you can help.

Thursday, 3rd August – Cleaning of exhibition space and assembly of display boards. This will take place in the MacDonagh Junction venue at 7pm. We need the help of 20-30 members.

Thursday, 10th August – Setting up of exhibition in the MacDonagh Junction venue from 10am to 9pm. We need to set up a rota so that the venue is available to members during these hours to hang their photographs.

Supervision of Exhibition – Even at this late stage there are some members who are exhibiting but have not volunteered to take their turn in supervising during exhibition week. The exhibition must be supervised at all times and all exhibiting members are expected to do their bit to make this event a success. If you haven’t already volunteered to supervise please contact Andy Magan at competitionssecretary@kilkennyphoto.net

A  lot of members have given a considerable amount of their time to bring the exhibition to the high standard we now enjoy and we ask you to help in any way you can to ensure its success. if you require any further information please contact any of the following; John Hughes, Andy Magan, Derville Conroy, Mark Desmond

Exhibition Posters will be available on Thursday, 3rd August.

Wishing everyone a very successful exhibition.

John Hughes - Chairman



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