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The Annual General Meeting of KPS was held recently in the Pembroke Hotel. A large attendance of members was welcomed by Chairman, Eugene Canning. In his address to the members he outlined the work of the committee over the previous club year. Our Annual Arts Festival Exhibition was our most successful to date, comprising of a total of 409 photographs including 27 from TY students. In a very busy year the committee had about 20 meetings, with 6 meetings prior to the Annual Exhibition. Eugene thanked Marion Acreman and Donna, managers in McDonagh Junction. We are invited there next year. Our allocated space will depend on availability. Eugene expressed his thanks to society members Andy Magan and Derville Conroy (committee) for their efforts in organising competitions and events and internal competitions. He also thanked  Ber Marnell, our treasurer, and Denis O’Reilly for his work on the website and organising the TY competition. Our successes this year included a 2nd in Monochrome Print, 3rd in projected (SACC) and in the IPF National Competition we were 4th overall. Mark Desmond was awarded the silver medal and Ned Mahon was highly commended by the SACC. Mark was also awarded his LIPF this year. Our thanks to Mark Desmond for work on the members handbook and the constitution with the able help of John Cuddihy. The present constitution is 33 years old. Mark  also organised the photo display in the foyer of our local St. Luke’s Hospital. Thanks to Mary Hickey secretary, and to John Hughes our vice – chairperson for ideas. Another success this year was in applying for and obtaining the arts grant of €600 towards the TY Project.

The main item of discussion on the night was the adoption of the new constitution. Certain amendments were proposed and seconded and these will be reflected in the new constitution which becomes effective immediately. Eugene announced that he would not be seeking re-election as he had given 5 years on the committee and the final year as chairman. John Hughes, vice-chairperson, thanked Eugene for his work on the committee and for his leadership in spearheading a number of important changes and improvements during his year as chairman.

The following we elected to the committee for 2016-2017:

Chairman – John Hughes

Secretary – Mary Hickey

Treasurer – Ber Marnell

Others – Andy Magan, Derville Conroy, Mark Desmond, Denis O’ Reilly, John Cuddihy and Eddie Conway.

At the first meeting of the new committee the other positions will be allocated.

Photographs courtesy of Mark Desmond Photography

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