Last night’s workshop on preparing for your Licentiate Distinction was another great night at the club. Thanks to club members, John Cuddihy AIPF and Karen O’ Hara AIPF, ARPS for a very informative and practical workshop. The night was aimed at members who might be considering on applying for their Licentiate Distinction with the IPF or the Royal Photographic Society. The workshop covered the types of distinctions from Licentiate to Fellowship; why apply for a distinction and how to get there avoiding the common mistakes and pitfalls. The main focus of the workshop was on applying for the Licentiate and we were presented with examples of successful “L” panels from various photographers and asked to view them critically. What worked well? What was weak? What would you change?



John, Karen and Andy Magan shared their “L” panels with us – some successful and others unsuccessful. We had the opportunity of viewing these critically and to learn from some of the common mistakes made in preparing a panel. Members also had the opportunity of learning how to arrange a panel and there was great fun in arranging and rearranging photos to make a cohesive panel. We also got an insight into the mind of the judges involved in distinction sittings and what they look for in a panel – technical quality, image quality, cohesion, composition and editing, imagination and creativity, light, visual impact.


In all it was a great night full of information and practical application. Thanks to John, Karen and Andy for sharing their expertise and experiences with us. Judging from the reaction of the members present we should have a few more applications for the “L” distinction in the near future.


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