Eugene has emailed to tell members that there’s and article in the Kilkenny People about our upcoming Arts Week exhibition. They’ve given the article prominence on the first page (page 34) of their Kilkenny Arts Festival Fringe section. We greatly appreciate that they’ve included coverage of the KPS exhibition.

I’ve not found the article on the Kilkenny People website, but it may the there.

If you’ve not already seen the article, we’re showing a jpg copy below, but to appreciate the full impact of the coverage they’ve given us you should buy a copy of the newspaper. Their article includes a copy of our 2014 Exhibition Poster which greatly adds to the impact of the article. (Again thanks to Deirdre Hickey for her work in designing the poster). There’s a link to the poster below the following jpg.

KP article about KPS exhibition

You can see the a copy of the Exhibition Poster on our website here:

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