Macro / Close Up (2021)

We have the results of our ‘Macro / Close Up’ competition. There was an amazing mix of images and subject material for this month’s theme.

Thank you to all the members who entered images and congratulations to our winners! Many thanks to our judge Eileen McCausland.

Macro is extreme close-up photography usually of very small subjects in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size. Close up is a type of shot that tightly frames an object and shows all the details.


1st    Ned Mahon, ‘Damselfly 9’
2nd  John Cuddihy, ‘Insect on a Tulip’
3rd   Mary Hickey, ‘Stars Beneath our Feet’

Advanced Highly Commended:
Petr Petr, ‘Common Housefly’

Advanced Highly Commended:
Hugo Reidy, ‘Orange Tip Butterfly’


1st    Carla Ennis, ‘Flee Fly Foe’
2nd  Niall Hirsch, ‘Rough Day’
3rd   PadrIc Meade, ‘Seed’

Intermediate Highly Commended:
Fiona Long, ‘Wire Detail’

Intermediate Highly Commended: 
Eamon McArdle, ‘Mushroom’


1st    Laura Carmen, ‘Mister Admiral’

Winners of the People / Portrait / Candid / Environmental Competition 2021

Congratulations to the winners of our third club POTY competition of 2021: ‘People / Portrait / Candid / Environmental’. There was a good mix of styles and interpretations on the theme. Thank you to all the members who entered images, and congratulations to our winners!

Capture the personality of a person or group of people. Includes traditional portraits fine art environmental candid and street.

Many thanks to our judge, Pauric McGroder.


1st    Hugo Reidy, ‘Tim Sullivan’
2nd  Mark Desmond, ‘Cossack’
3rd   Johnny Cuddihy, ‘Wrapt in Conversation’


1st    Carla Ennis, ‘Watching You’
2nd  Fiona Long, ‘Rachelle’
3rd   Anne Phelan, ‘Tunnel Vision’


1st    Laura Carmen, ‘Rose Abbey’
2nd  Claire Kenny, ‘Boatman’
3rd   Canice Ryan, ‘Me and My Dog’

Winners of the Still Life competition

Congratulations to the winners of our second club competition of 2021: Still Life. Well done to all KPS members who took part. Still Life is the depiction of inanimate subject matter. Old style masters or a more contempory approach. Includes tabletop and food.

With so many superb images on display our judge Annie Given had her work cut out! We’d like to thank Annie for an entertaining and thorough critique on each and every entry. Annie’s judging fee was donated to the Capucin’s Food Bank in Kilkenny.


1st  Matt Whitby ‘Highbank Orchard Spirit’
2nd John Cuddihy ‘Shallots’
3rd  Ned Mahon ‘Death on the Mountain’


1st  Carla Ennis ‘Simply Garlic’
2nd Penny Newbery ‘Wedding Day’
3rd  Billy Culleton ‘Evening Treat’


1st  Laura Carmen ‘The Elements’
2nd Claire Kenny ‘Brass’
3rd Mairee Ryan ‘Memento’

Congratulations to our winners in the Black & White / Mono competition.

Congratulations to the winners of our first monthly competition of 2021, kicking off the ‘KPS Photographer of the Year’ competition. Thanks to all members who took part to make the entries as rich and varied as they were, and a big thank you to Eric O’Neill who judged the entries.


1st  Ned Mahon, ‘Living in the Past’
2nd Denis O’Reilly, ‘Beetroot’
3rd  Mark Desmond, ‘Bowler’
3rd  Bernie Kelly, ‘Still Waiting’


1st  Liam Kirwan, ‘Sculpture’
2nd Eamon McArdle, ‘Relaxation’
3rd  Billy Culleton, ‘Just Out of Reach’


1st  Canice Ryan, ‘Blackmill Street’ 
2nd Laura Carmen, ‘Evening Falls’