Winners of Patterns/Textures Print Competition

Winners of Patterns/Textures Print Competition

Well done to all the members who entered our first monthly competition. This was a print competition and the theme was Patterns/Textures. Thanks to Linda Nolan from Carlow Photographic Society who judged the competition and for her constructive feedback to the members.

Congratulations to our winners:

Fergus Alonso – Novice

Mark Roberts – Intermediate

Trevor Ogilvie- Advanced

Thanks to Ned Mahon LIPF for the photographs

SACC Photographer of the Year 2015 (IPF Qualifier)

SACC Photographer of the Year 2015 (IPF Qualifier)

Congratulations to our following members for their achievements in last Sunday’s Southern Association of Camera Clubs Photographer of the Year 2015 (IPF Qualifier) at the Horse & Jockey Hotel!

Colour Print – Open – Advanced 3rd Place: Seamus Costelloe
Monochrome Print – Open – Intermediate: Andrew Magan
Projected Image – Open -Advanced 3rd Place: Ned Mahon
Monochrome Print – Theme – Intermediate 1st Place: Andrew Magan
Projected Image – Theme – Advanced 1st Place: Seamus Costelloe

SACC Chairman Richie Dwyer presenting presenting Andy Megan wth his medal

SACC Chairman Richie Dwyer presenting presenting Andy Magan wth his medal

SACC Chairman Richie Dwyer presenting Ned Mahon with his medal

SACC Chairman Richie Dwyer presenting Ned Mahon with his medal

SACC Chairman Richie Dwyer presenting Andy Magan with his certificate

SACC Chairman Richie Dwyer presenting Andy Magan with his certificate

For the full results please click on this link:…/

Also in tomorrow’s meeting (26/11/15) we shall have the judging & results of our Derelict / Abandoned Picturk club competition & our National Shield Panel will be on display.

Second Get Together of Kilkenny, Carlow & Portlaoise Clubs for 25th November ’15

On Wednesday the 25th November we will be visiting Carlow Photographic Society for the second get together of Kilkenny, Carlow and Portlaoise clubs.
The idea is to present projected images of each town.
This year Kilkenny will portray 20/25 images of Carlow.
We need these images by next Thursday 19th.
If those members who have travelled to Carlow could bring their images, as we need to upload them for the presentation.
Each photographer will be required to talk about the image and why they took it.
We are to meet at Seven Oaks Hotel in the Cedar Room at 20:00 for tea/coffee then move into the Milford Room at 20:30 for the presentation when it then becomes vacant as it’s larger.
National Shield 2015 Update

National Shield 2015 Update

The National Shield 2015 selection committee would like to thank all the members that contributed images to the competition. This is the panel that represented KPS.

Congrats has to go to Mark Desmond that got a bronze medal for his photo ‘ The Crunch’

The KPS came 2nd place in the Colour Panel (Andy Magan receiving the Cert on behalf of the KPS from Lilian Web AIPF – IPF Vice-President)

The KPS came 4th Overall in the competition out of 27 Clubs (list included)

Congratulations to the Colour and Monochrome members that got their images selected:

Colour Panel: left to right                                                                          Mono Images: left to right

1. Sergejs Pikurs                                                                                           1. Dan Ryan
2. Carrie Hart                                                                                               2. Sergejs Pikurs
3. Dan Ryan                                                                                                  3. Niall Hirsch
4. Pat Quinn                                                                                                 4. Andy Magan
5. Niall Hirsch                                                                                              5. Pat Quinn
6. Mark Desmond                                                                                       6. Eddie Conway
7. Andy Magan                                                                                            7. Mark Desmond
8. Paul Kelly                                                                                                8. Carrie Hart

Substitute Colour images                                                                         Substitute Mono images

9. Mary Hickey                                                                                          9. Mara Martin
10. Mara Martin                                                                                        10. Denis O’Reilly

The Selection Committee:

Andy Magan and Derville Conroy (Competition Secretaries)
Seamus Costelloe
Karen O’Hara
Ned Mahon

Printing by Seamus Costelloe
Mounting by Paul Campion

ContactSheet Col KPS 2015ContactSheet B&W KPS 2015



Receiving the Cert. IPF for FPS 7th Nov 2015The Crunch


IPF National Shield Results

IPF National Shield Results

Out of a record entry of 27 clubs in Ireland we managed the spot of 2nd Place in the Colour Print Panel!
Also congratulations are due to Mark Desmond for his Bronze Medal of his image entitled “The Crunch” (bottom image) and we came 4th overall with Athlone Photography Club clinching the top spot, congratulations to them!
Well done to the IPF and all involved in hosting, presenting and partaking in this year’s National Shield in Malahide.
See the full results here:

Kilkenny-Photo-SocietyKilkenny-Photo-SocietyMono887495_10204512175919134_155960469835886992_oThe Crunch
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