Disruption to website

Our website is hosted by Blacknight. They are updating their hosting platform next Monday, 29th May and this MAY cause some disruption to our website. NO NEED TO PANIC.

FaceBook Page

A  link to our new Facebook page, which will run along side the new website, has been added to the site. The link is a large “f” icon just under, and to the right of, the website menu.



New Photos loaded to Landing Page gallery on KPS website

The landing page gallery of the the KPS website has been updated with some of the winning entries from the recent KPS “Water” competition – 3 new photos for viewing

Place Author Title
1 Patryk Witkpwski [Untitled] Digital copy not available for website
2 Hugo Reidy Waterfall Loaded to website
3 Rue Ahmed [Untitled] Loaded to website
4 Don Daws Kilfarassy Loaded to website


New Website – Update 2012-05-02

For those logging in here to get KPS updates, this post is to give you the state of play regarding the publication of the new “kilkennyphoto.net” website.

The transfer of the domain name (kilkennyphoto.net) has been delayed and will not not take place until May 5th. At that stage I’ll begin transferring the details you see here to the new domain.

An announcement was made at last weeks meeting to let members know that the kilkennyphoto.eu forum would not be available May 1st. This site is going to be used in the meantime for KPS updates. So continue to log in here (kilkennyphoto.net) until we announce that the new site is available.

If you have any news or events you wish to publish to the blog during the next couple of weeks please email them to me. (I’m deliberately not publishing my email address here as this is a public website. I’ll give you my email address at the meeting tonight or contact any member of the committee for it).

As soon as we go live with the new domain, we’ll begin the process of setting up individual members with their own login credentials. This will take a little time but we’ll communicate them to you as soon as they’re set up. (We’ll not be setting up members on this site as it’s only for test purposes and is temporarily being used as our public site until the new site domain goes live.

It’s also planned that members will, in time, have their own individual galleries and will be able to upload photos to their own gallery. Due to space and bandwidth considerations your photos will have conform to dimension and size limitations. More about this in due course. The priority for the moment will be to get members set up with their own login on the new site so that you can make posts to the blog.

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