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Kilkenny Photographic Society


September 07th th 2019

RPS Éire Region Season launch

St Peter’s Cork, North Main Street, Cork City.


September 12th 2019

Opening night as we welcome back members and welcome new members. Information Night, National Shield Kilkenny 2019, Images for National Shield 2019, Uploading images for KPS internal competitions, Upcoming AGM information.

Pembroke Hotel, Kilkenny.



September 14th 2019:

Irish Photographic Federation are holding a distinction sitting on the 14th of September in the GB Shaw Theatre, Carlow.

GB Shaw Theatre, Carlow.

10:00am -17:00pm


October 03rd 2019:

Terry Murphy – A talk of photographing Waterford over the course of 3 Months. Terry will also be showing some glass slides from his days as a professional photographer.

Pembroke Hotel, Kilkenny

20:00pm – 10:00pm


October 17th 2019:

Kilkenny photographic Society AGM 2019. Members will receive full details within 21 days of this date.

Pembroke Hotel, Kilkenny

20:00pm – 10:00pm


October 24th  2019:

Portrait Night

Studio Lighting Setup And Off Camera Flash Setup

Pembroke Hotel, KIlkenny




October 31st  2019:

Members Night

Pembroke Hotel, KIlkenny




November 14th  2019:

Guest Speaker: Ann Francis

Ann’s Recent F Panel

Pembroke Hotel, KIlkenny




November 14th  2019:

Guest Speaker: Moira Fulton

Images from Nambia

Pembroke Hotel, KIlkenny




September 19th 2019

Denis O’Reilly AIPF will be giving a workshop on Flower photography and Photoshop techniques in the processing of his images.

Pembroke Hotel, Kilkenny


September 22nd 2019

Closing date for our first monthly competition ‘Open’ has now been extended to 10th October 2019.

September 26th 2019

Photoshop workshop with Stasia Clancy.

Pembroke Hotel, Kilkenny






October 10th 2019:

Workshop/Members night

Pembroke Hotel, Kilkenny

20:00pm – 10:00pm


October 19th – 20th  2019:

IPF AV National Championships Clondakin, Dublin 22. More infomation in the link below

October 25 2019:

Irish Photographic Federation

Entries Open Online for POTY/NPOTY 2020




November 07th  2019:

Judging of the Open Projected Competition

Pembroke Hotel, KIlkenny




November 28th 2019:

Out on the Town!

Wordsearch Night Kilkenny

Meet back in Kytlers, Kieran Street





Pembroke Hotel

Business Centre

11 Patrick Street


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Thursdays: 20:00pm-22:00pm
Public Holidays: Closed

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