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From 19th March 2020 onward

Last Thursday we held our first virtual club meeting and 16 members logged in. For a first go it was very successful and enjoyable. Thanks to our chairman, Ned, who took on the new learning so that we could continue to communicate with each other and enjoy our photography.

We will continue to host weekly virtual meetings on Thursdays at the usual time of 8pm. To join the meetings you will need to download the ZOOM APP to your phone or computer. This may require you to set up an account (FREE account) to use the app. Once you have downloaded the app you will need a MEETING ID to join the meeting.

The MEETING ID for this coming Thursday night at 8:00pm is contained in the email which you have already received.
If you have any difficulties with this please contact Ned at 085 1745715.


We are also asking members to send presentations/slideshows not exceeding 10 mins to Ned. These will be shared with members at our virtual meetings. If you have any suitable material please email it to chairman@kilkennyphoto.net


If you are not a member of KPS Private Group on Facebook it might be worth joining as other activities will be posted on this page. Please click the link below to request admittance. Please note: You must member of Kilkenny Photographic Society to join.

KPS Private Group Page on Facebook


The SACC is going ahead with the interclub competition as planned. This is a projected only competition and all activities including the judging will be done remotely. KPS is looking for your images for this competition. The latest date for clubs to upload images to this competition is Friday, 17th April so the KPS competition secretary will need images as soon as possible. Please see previous emails for image sizes etc. (Digital images for projection must be 3,000 pixels on the longest side @ 300 DPI, jpeg quality 10.)

If you have images please forward them to the competitionsecretary@kilkennyphoto.net

We are all vulnerable in these difficult times so we hope you and your family are all keeping well and minding yourselves. It is important that we try to continue living as normally as possible so we hope you will take the opportunity on Thursday nights to connect with your friends in KPS.

05th December 2019

Judging of ‘Inside Of Anything’ POTY Competition

12th December 2019:  

19th December 2019:

Photography Presentation.

Presentation on the country of Kazakhstan by Jennifer Wemyss and Larry Wemyss.

“This collection of pictures shows the sights, seasons and traditions of the world’s 9th largest country. Historically located at the juncture between the east and west and now poised between the old and new. Kazakhstan is a vibrant and fascinating place, we invite you to be surprised by what this off the beaten track country has to offer.”

09th January 2020:

Members Night & Members Personal Project Information Session.


16th January 2020: Practical Session: Still Life

23rd January 2020:

Results of ‘Reflections’ POTY Competition.

30th January 2020:

Presentation Night with Hugo Reidy

Featuring the work of photographer Tony Vaccaro

06th February 2020:

Kilkenny Photographic Society Annual Pub Quiz 2020
Beer Garden of Kytler’s Inn
06th Feb 2020
8:00pm Sharp
20€ Per Table of 4
Lots Of Prizes and Raffle!
Got The Brains? Prove It Smarty Pants!


13th February 2020:

 Light Painting with wire wool


20th Febuary 2020:

Judging of Window Light Competition

22nd February 2020:

IPF Photographer of the Year 2020 Final

Talbot Hotel, Carlow.

Judging commences at 10am sharp.


23rd February 2020:

IPF Nature Photographer of the Year 2020 Final

Talbot Hotel, Carlow.

Judging commences at 10am sharp.


27th February 2020:

Workshop Night

Working with Flash


29th Febuary 2020

IPF Distinctions Sitting  Dunamaise, Portlaise

9.00 – 9.30: Panels registered

9.30: Assessors’ briefing

10.00: Commence Associate assessing, followed by Fellowships, finally Licentiates.

1.00: Lunch

4.00/4.30: Certificate presentations


05th March 2020

Jenkinstown Wood

Practical session – wire wool

12th March 2020

The 50 Francis Street photographer

Suzanne Behan

19th March 2020

Structured learning

Introduction to Adobe Lightroom

Ned Mahon

26th March 2020

Judging of February’s Themed Competition ‘Forgotten’

08th April 2020

Wednesday 8th April 7:00pm

During this 2 hour remote talk, photography trainer Joe Houghton will discuss aspects of Long Exposure photography, and also demonstrate using Lightroom and Photoshop to achieve certain outcomes.Please click on the joining link which you have received by email a few minutes before the start time so you can register and join the meeting


More info on Joe’s work:



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