Pat added the following comment to last weeks Weekly Meeting post. For those who may have missed the comment we’re including it here in it’s own post. Please feel free to add your own comments on the topic below in the “comments” section.

hi All following the discussion on last Thursday night about low numbers of members entering the club competitions and as a member of the advanced section which I heard described in one comment ” as the lesser / lower advanced section ” I would like to put forward the following points for discussion

1 The purpose of the club and committee should be to encourage new and existing members to participate in all club activities and competition competitions

2 Not all new and existing members may have a library/ back catalogue of images and to ensure equal opportunity and a level playing field we should maintain the status quo .

3 To para phrase a famous quote “ask not what your club can do for you but what you can do for your club” so please to all members, take part in all club activities. ABOVE ALL ENJOY YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY.
comments welcome.

Pat Brennan

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