This week on 18th January we will have the judging of the “Colour” Competition which is a print competition. On the 25th January we will have a MEMBERS NIGHT. This is an opportunity to display and share your work (either prints or projected) with the members and to get some feedback or not. This can be an invaluable exercise in your progess as a photographer.

4th February is the closing date for the next monthly competition – ENVIRONMENTAL PORTRAIT (Projected). Entries should be emailed to the Competition Secretary –

Please remember to enter your details in the correct format:

Landscape Images should be sized to 1600px max on the long side.

Portrait Images should be sized to max 1200px on the long side.

Square Images should be sized to max 1200 x 1200 px

Your jpeg file should be named and include the following: Category – membership number – title   e.g. N_999_ Title of Image, I_999_ Title of Image, A_999_Title of Image.

Entries not conforming to this format may be deemed ineligible for the competition.


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