All is now ready for the official opening of our KPS 2014 Exhibition which takes place tomorrow (Saturday, Aug 9th). All KPS members will have now received an invitation to the official opening.  The opening will be held in the Gallery in the Kilkenny Mall. 

Nearly all participating members have now hung their images so the Gallery is looking very impressive. By tomorrow mid-day all images will be in place. (There will be access to the gallery to hang the final images on Saturday morning from 10:00 until 12:00.)

This year will greatly impress the viewing public with in excess of 250 images on display (Our largest number ever). Not only do we have a greater number of images, due to the vastly increased gallery space, but also the quality, image style and subject diversity of the exhibition is much greater.

Some members have created image panels that tell a tightly created story,  while other panels have themes that are more loosely woven, while still others members allow the individual images within their panel to tell their own story. We’re sure that all images and panels will impress and entertain. When viewing the images we encourage you to take the time to analyse each so that you gain insight into the photographers’ creativity and artistry.

KPS members, please spread the word about our exhibition and encourage your families and friends to come along to view it.

Members, your hard work in creating the images, building and hanging the panels, and preparing the gallery is now complete, so now it’s time to view, review and most importantly to enjoy this year’s Exhibition.

(There’s still a little “light” work to be done by members – we need invigilators for the gallery during the week, so if you’ve not already added your name to the list (available in the gallery), and have the time, please add your name to a vacant time slot. Thanks).


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