Members will be aware that Richie Dwyer is coordinating the KPS 30th anniversary celebration events, which will take place later this year. These will include an exhibition of members photos with the theme “Kilkenny”. You’re encouraged to participate by capturing images from the city and county that convey a social environment message. Please include people going about their everyday activities and other aspects of social life to help anchor the images in a current historical context. The reason for this is that it is intended to archive the exhibition to provide a historical record for future generations.

An “introduction” page for use by members when the are photographing the public has been distributed. It should help explain to people you approach to photograph, the purpose behind the photos. This will help to “break the ice” and allay and suspicions on the part of the subjects.  Members should also carry their KPS membership cards for the same purpose.

The images for the exhibition will be selected by Richie and a panel of other long standing KPS members.


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