The KPS dinner for our 30th Anniversary is on Saturday November 16th at 8.30 in the Pembroke Hotel and a room is available from Thursday of that week for any exhibitions

Following on from our meeting last night regarding the KPS 30th Anniversary, the final submission date for images is Thursday, Oct 17th.

All KPS members are invited to submit up to 10 images for the event and exhibition.

Ideally, images should be of Kilkenny city & county and include people to give them a social context.

They can be submitted to either myself or Richie Dwyer, on or before Oct 17th, either printed on 6×4, on CD, USB, or emailed to either of us.  Alternatively, I have made a folder available in Dropbox, I will email an invite to this folder to everybody participating in the project.

Last night, we discussed uploading to a Dropbox public folder but as everybody would have read / write access, there’s always the possibility of files being accidentally deleted.

I don’t have everybody’s email address so if you haven’t yet received your invite to Dropbox, please let me know at the weekly meeting.

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