We’ve got some visitor stats, and quotes from the visitors book, for the Annual Exhibition . . . .

Visitors: Unfortunately we don’t have stats for each day, but on Thursday 15th we had 127 visitors. If we take this as representative, then over 7.5 days (Sunday to Sunday) that gives an (approx) 950 visitors. That doesn’t include our opening evening attendance on Saturday evening! So dare we say  . . . 1,000 visitors!
Was our 2014 Annual Exhibition a success or what!!! ?

Here’s a random sample of the quotes for this year’s Visitors’ Book:

P. Cody:

Kilkenny is very lucky to have a club like this.

Annette Dorregan:

Beautiful work by all, Well Done!

Michael Gannon:

Delighted with the space of the location. Some excellent work. My favourite is “Deserted Places”.

Breda Ryan:

A thought provoking and beautiful exhibition. Probably the best exhibition in this year’s festival!

D. Gannon:

Great Depth of talent.
A difficult theme to deal with for a photographer. Very good entries. Particularly liked H. Reid.

Fiona Warren:

Great space to wander around taking in the lovely photographs.

Liam (maybe Liam is a member of Dungarvan Camera Club!!):

Bhain mé an-thaitheamh as na pictiúir ar fad. Tá siabh ag foghlaim ó Dungarbhan Camera Club!

Appended to above by Mary C:

Cinte Liam – tá an ceart agat.

Aisling Quinn:

Love “Girl in the pearl earring”

Evan Petty:

Well worth a visit – or two!

Linda Nolan:

Very enjoyable viewing – certainly gives the photographers a chance to express themselves. Well Done!!

Partice Whyte (Dublin):

Amazing exhibition – all very professionally done. Well Done to all.

Maura Warde:

Wonderful display of great interest

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