KPS Events Calendar 2016 - 2017

The calendar for 2016/2017 will be populated in the near future. In the meantime refer to LATEST NEWS and THEMES FOR 2016/2017

The theme for this month’s competition is OPEN This is a  PROJECTED competition. Members may, if they wish, enter TWO photos. Closing date is 22nd September

7th September:  First meeting of the ClubYear

14th September: Club AGM at 8pm

21st September:  Members Night – Camera Gear Night + Bring your own images for critique

24th September: Closing date for first monthly competition

23rd September: IPF Distinctions – Shaw Theatre, Carlow at 10am

28th September: Skills Night – Preparing images for Competition





Monthly Competition Theme – PORTRAIT


5th October: SKILLS NIGHT – Studio Portraiture

12th October:  GUEST SPEAKER – Des Clinton FIPF, FRPS, MFIAP – Black and White Prints

19th October: Closing date for PORTRAIT COMPETITION. Judging of September Competition – OPEN

26th October:  SKILLS NIGHT – Night Photography around Kilkenny

Monthly Competition Theme –  CREATIVE (PROJECTED)

2nd November:  MEMBERS NIGHT – Bring your own images for critique

9th November: Judging of October Competition – Portrait (print)

16th November: GUEST SPEAKER – Paul Reidy LIPF, AFIAP, Blarney Camera Club – Photographer of the Year 2017 – “Print and Projected Presentations”

19th November: Closing date for CREATIVE COMPETITION (projected)

23rd November: “Ansel Adams” – Presentation by Ian Doolan

25th November: IPF Distinctions Sitting, Thurles IT at 10am

26th November: IPF National Shield, Limerick venue to be confirmed.




Monthly Competition Theme 

2nd December: Annual Suir Valley Challenge, Carrick -on – Suir – 10am

7th December:   Judging of the CREATIVE competition

14h December: MEMBERS NIGHT – Bring your own images for critique



4th January – Closing date for “Colour” Competition

28th January – Closing date for “Environmental Portrait” Competition

25th February – Closing date for “Long Exposure” Competition

25th March – Closing date for “Street/Urban” Competition

24th May – Mini Panel Night . Up to 10 mounted images. Bring them in on the night.

1st June – Display of successful L and A Panels from the recent distinctions sitting in Mullingar

8th June – Judging of the Mini Panel for Cats

15th June – Water Drop Macro Workshop – Derville Conroy LIPF

22nd June – Members Night – Photoshoot of Kilkenny by night.

29th June – KPS Summer Outing to Copper Coast. Meet Woodies car park at 7.00 pm


Des Clinton FIPF FRPS MFIAP is from Drogheda Photographic Club. Des is a highly accomplished photographer with over 30 experience photographing a range of subjects, most notably perhaps in the area of environmental portraiture.

Des holds fellowships with both Irish Photographic Federation (FIPF) and the Royal Photographic Society (FRPS) and also the highly prized title of Master (MFIAP) from Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique.


Barry Walsh LIPF AFIAP - Wexford Camera Club

Barry is a member of Wexford Camera Club. As an architectural technician, Barry had an innate eye for architectural photography. He achieved his LIPF in 2015 with an outstanding panel of work, and earlier this summer was a worthy recipient of an AFIAP distinction. Barry’s special interests lie in seascape and architectural photography. His architectural work demonstrates a sublime style which marks him out as one of the exciting emerging talents in Irish photography.

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