Health and Safety Policy


This policy covers Health and Safety procedures for the Kilkenny Photographic Society meetings at the Pembroke Hotel, Business Centre, 11 Patrick Street, Kilkenny, R95 VNP4. It should be brought to the attention of Members through announcement at the meeting and on the website and referenced from the job descriptions of Committee Members where appropriate.

Health and Safety Procedures:

1: At the beginning of each meeting the Chairperson or the Committee Member chairing the meeting should make members aware of the location of the emergency exits and request that members assemble at the assembly point as specified by the management of the Pembroke Hotel. In the event of an alarm they should take the KPS Attendance Register and check that all members, guests and speakers present have left the meeting room.

2: Details of the location of the premises are to be found on the Society program and on the KPS Attendance Register to aid Committee Members in calling the emergency services if required.

Pembroke Hotel

Business Centre

11 Patrick Street Kilkenny

R95 VNP4

(056) 778 3500

3: Fire extinguishers are available by the emergency exits and Committee Members should familiarise themselves with their location and operation. First aid equipment is available at the main reception of the Pembroke Hotel.

4: Break glass units (coloured red) are located at each emergency exit door. On the discovery of a fire these units are to be activated on leaving the building.

5: Emergency exits should not be blocked by chairs or camera equipment.

6: Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is not required but electrical equipment belonging to the KPS or of a visiting speaker should be visually inspected before use and supplied via a Residual Current Device (RCD). The RCD should be tested each time it is used by pressing the Test button. Equipment belonging to the KPS is checked and electrically tested as required.

7: Committee Members should seek help if moving heavy items of Society equipment.

8: Cables and other trip hazards should be protected with mats or tape before the members arrive to the meeting.

9: All members, guests and speakers must sign the KPS Attendance Register at each meeting.

10: Society membership shall be open to any person 18 years of age or over, who pays a membership fee and agrees to abide by the constitution and the rules of the Society.

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