We had two significant events at this evenings weekly meeting (2013-06-27). First was a presentation by Morgan O’Neill of his work, including his FIPF panel, followed by the judging and results of the KPS ‘Open’ Print and Projected competitions. Morgan acted as our judge for these competitions.  These two competitions were the final ones in KPS 2012 – 2013 Photographer of the Year competition. The winners of which will be announced in due course.

After a very interesting and informative presentation by Morgan of his FIPF panel and other images, he went on to do a constructive critique on the entrants for both competitions, prior to the announcement of the results.

The winning entries in the competitions are:

Print competition
1st    Rue Ahmed
2nd  Patryck Witkowski
3rd  Amanda Burke

Projected competition
1st    Anna Brennan
2nd  John Cuddihy
3rd  Rue Ahmed

Congratulations and well done to Rue, Anna, Patryck, John and Amanda.

The full competition results follow:

Print competition

Name Points
Rue Ahmed 18.6
Patryck Witkowski 16.0
Amanda Burke 15.5
Brian Deering 14.6
Niall Hirsch 14.0
Richie Dwyer 14.0
Seamus Cahill 14.0
John Cuddihy 12.6
Anna Brennan 12.0
Eugene Canning 12.0
Anne Phelan 10.6
Frank Corcoran 10.6
Pat Brennan 10.6
Krissi Igoe 10.0
Partick Murphy 10.0
Fergal Murphy 8.6

Projected competition

Name  Points
Anna Brennan 17.3
John Cuddihy 16.0
Rue Ahmed 15.3
Brian Deering 14.6
Eamon Wall 14.0
Niall Hirsch 14.0
Pat Brennan 14.0
Amanda Burke 13.3
Richie Dwyer 12.0
Seamus Cahill 12.0
Anne Phelan 9.3
Frank Corcoran 9.3
Eugene Canning 8.0


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