Alert Icon (Yield with Exclaimation)This is a reminder and an Update regarding the KPS Picturk “Open” competition.

The reminder is that if you wish to participate in our inaugural KPS Picturk competition you can now upload your images at: The closing date for entry is May 8th. We’ll be doing a demonstration on how to register and upload you images at next Thursdays meeting (2014-04-24).

The Update is that there is no longer a size restriction on the upload image, it can be any size. Images, as previously,  should be in jpg format.

The “Lines” competition:
Also note that Apr 24 is also the hand in date for your Prints for the “Lines” competition. you’re also encouraged to provide a jpg image of you entry, either via the KPS dropbox or on a USB thumb-drive next Thursday (Apr 24). These will be used to create a gallery of competition images on the website and also the winning images will feature on our website home page.


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