KPS Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Policy v1.0

As governed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
(Regulation (EU) 2016/679).

Data Protection Policy

Data handling within Kilkenny Photographic Society (hereon “the
Society”) is governed by the General Data Protection Regulation
(GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679). Under this policy, the Society is
regarded as a “data controller” due to the collection, storage and use
of personal information relating to both members and non-members
involved in Society activities. Relevant information may include but is
not limited to names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses,
similar information relating to guests at Society events, the titles,
content and associated meta-data of uploaded media files, bank
account information, photographs taken at Society events and IP
addresses used for all forms of upload via the Society website. This
personal information is hereon referred to as “the Data”.


The Data collected is used exclusively for the administration and
operation of the Society, including all aspects of membership, internal,
external and inter-club competitions, publicity and event organisation.
This also includes operation of the Society website and any supporting
systems. The Society does not use the Data for the purposes of
marketing and does not sell the Data as a commodity.


The GDPR requires the KPS to protect certain rights of the individual
relating to the use of their personal data; this includes gaining consent
to collect, retain and process data, and making provision for the
subsequent removal of consent if desired. Joining the Society or taking
part in its activities, is voluntary and by choosing to become a
member, or otherwise to continue or renew membership, or to
participate in Society activities and events, you consent to the
appropriate use of the Data for the purposes of operating the Society
and to the retention of this data for periods as described within this
document. Individuals are free to withdraw all consent however for
members this will result in immediate termination of membership, and
no refund of annual membership fees will take place. It should also be
noted that after removal of consent it may be necessary to continue
to retain some or all of the Data for the valid purposes of operating the
Society. Most Society activities that require data collection are also
voluntary, for example the entering of competitions, and if you choose
to do so you similarly consent to the use and retention of the data;
withdrawal of consent, or other restriction on processing, would result in
exclusion from the activity in question. The Society may seek separate
consent where appropriate e.g. where transfer of the Data to another
data controller is necessary, and whether to display uploaded images
on the Society website and Social Media platforms.


The data collected is primarily used by the Society Committee,
however limited data may be transferred to an external “data
processor” (e.g. an external judge for pre-assessment of images, or to
a different data controller (e.g. the organisers of an external
competition, or to 3rd party operators of systems used to aid in the
operation of the Society; this includes population of a member-
contact list on MailChimp systems). For additional transfers to other
data controllers, additional consent will be obtained (this will usually be
within the electronic form or circumstance that the data collection


The Data will be stored for the purpose of operating the Society; this
will include maintaining the history and media archive of the Society.
The Data will be kept as follows:


Retention Period

Data relating to


potential members

and parties who

contact the society.

One full Society operating year beyond the point that the

membership does not commence, lapses or is otherwise terminated

Transferred media

content, titles,

author details,

media meta-data.

Indefinitely for historical and publicity purposes including but not

limited to inscriptions on trophies, event results, awards, yearbooks

and programme entries, website/social media platforms where

approval is given, press reports and the historic image archive.


information e.g.

bank account


This will kept for the duration as required by law.

Judge and speaker


No more than 3 years

Data Amendment:

Requests for data amendment should be sent to the appropriate
Committee representative as defined within the website Members
Area, Committee Contact Details, or to the Society Secretary.


The Data will be kept in accordance with the retention policies
defined within this document, and requests for Erasure will treated on a
case-by-case basis. However it should be noted that current members
are not able to request erasure of membership data without
termination of the membership. It should also be noted that items of
the Data may be retained indefinitely irrespective of request for
Erasure e.g. trophy inscriptions and any item that is required for the
operation of the Society historic records, or any item that is
unreasonable or impractical to remove.

Special Considerations.

Transfer of media files:
Image and A/V sequence files may contain meta-data including

personal information; this may include the author name and
associated details, plus information such as camera serial number and
the GPS coordinates of the location where the photograph was taken.
Additionally, the media files themselves may contain the likeness of
living individuals. In transferring media files to the Society, via the
website, email or other means, you consent to the storage and

publication (where granted) of this information along with the image
content, and you agree to remove any personal information prior to
transfer if it is desired that this should not be stored with the files or
made onwardly available. Furthermore, you agree to obtain any
required consent from photographic subjects prior to transfer to the
Society, particularly if images may be displayed on the Society
website, Social Media, used in external competitions or reproduced in
the press. The submitter must make the Society Committee aware
immediately if their use of an image is at any time contested. You
agree that all consent and permissions granted by you during the
submission process apply to the media file, its graphical contents and
associated metadata.

Judges, speakers, suppliers and members (reclaiming expenses
incurred on behalf of the Club) who wish to be paid electronically will
need to provide bank account details to the treasurer to enable
arrangements to be made with the Bank.
For certain competitions and events, other clubs and societies may
transfer media files to the Society via the website, email or other
means. In cases where you are a representative of the 3rd party and
you are transferring files on behalf of other members of your
organisation, you further agree that you have obtained all necessary
consents from the authors of the works being submitted.

Contacts and Communications:

Except where otherwise specified, all communications with respect to
the collection, storage and use of the Data should be directed to the
Society Secretary via email: .

In participating as a member, you agree to receive ad hoc
communications via email where these are required for the operation
of the Society. In choosing to receive the Society Newsletter and
mailings, you consent to basic data being stored on 3rd party servers
for the valid purposes of operating this facility, and to receive regular
and ad hoc communications from the Society. You are free to
unsubscribe from this service at any time using the links provided in the

Our website address is:

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