Last Thursday night saw a full house, with only standing room, at our weekly meeting. There were over 50 members and guests in attendance. It was a special night where former member Kevin A. Logan RIP was fondly remembered by members of the club who knew him from his days in Kilkenny and his involvement in Kilkenny Photographic Society. Kevin died recently just before his 61st birthday. Originally from New York, he gave up a very successful career as a photographer to pursue his own dreams. This brought him to Ireland and to Kilkenny among other places that he called home. By all accounts he was a very accomplished photographer and a perfectionist when it came to printing. He would spend hours studying his subject matter, waiting for the correct composition or light before he took his shot. This was usually followed by hours, days and even weeks in preparing a file for print such was his desire for perfection in his printing. Many of the members, who knew him well from his days in Kilkenny, shared their own stories of Kevin and some samples of his photography that he had gifted them for special occasions. He was a larger than life character and the tributes paid to him were sincere, honest and from the heart and it was obvious that he had great friends in Kilkenny who stood by him through the years. Many friends travelled from Dungarvan, Carlow and Portlaoise to attend this meeting and pay tribute to Kevin’s life and work. May he rest in peace.

The other part of the night was devoted to judging the “Industrial” monthly competition. This was very ably done by Emmanuelle Galisson LIPF of Portlaoise Camera Club who was very constructive in her critique of the entries. Thanks Emmanuelle. Well done to all those who entered and to the winners who are listed below.


Below are the winning images in each category.


The final competition of the 2016-17 season will be held on June 8th – “Mini Distinctions for Cats”. The purpose of this event is to see what it’s like to put together a body of photographic work in print form as if you’re going for your distinction with the IPF. 

 Please bring in up to 8 prints, preferably 10 x 8 inches, mounted or unmounted but not exceeding 20”x16” mounted.

  1. The usual sections – novice, intermediate and advanced will apply.
  2. Please hand in your “panel” of prints on the night from 7.30 – 8pm.
  3. Please register your intention to participate with Derville Conroy by June 4th by email
  4. Example: Please replace 000 with your membership numberN_000_I’m registering

    I_000_ I’m registering

    A_000_ I’m registering


(Remember when entering the competition / It is worth noting you could use some of your images in August at our exhibition).

 Your work will be assessed on your overall collection of prints and the thinking process behind this body of work. It’s not the quantity of images on show, but their quality! So, a set of six could perform better than a set of eight images. If you wish, please bring a written statement on your body of work to be read out on the night.  Being a KPS competition, the judges will need to score the panels on show in the usual manner with other KPS competitions, but more importantly constructive feedback will be given by the judges. If you are entering a panel please bring them in early on the night – about 7.30 pm – to facilitate the judges.

The judges are:

Mark Sedgwick FIPF,  eFIAP (chairman),

Seamus Costello FIPF,

Karen O’Hara ARPS

Johnny Cuddihy AIPF. 

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