At the end of last week’s meeting – judging of the Mini Panels – we were treated to a peek at the latest work of club member John Cuddihy AIPF. The panel of work was presented without any explanation or statement so initially it was left to us to make our own interpretations. To me it was a beautiful, compelling and very appealing piece of work – painterly, abstract, architectural, and mysterious. On closer examination I was very taken with the detail and beautiful patterns and textures of the pavements. Later on John,  explained the background to his panel of work ….. it’s MAGIC (MIRRORS). The panel was truly inspiring and quite unique and opened our eyes to the photographic possibilities around us. Our next club outing will have to be to Barcelona!

Life through Mirrors – John Cuddihy AIPF


“Quite by chance in my wanderings through Barcelona, I came across Els Encants, a large, modern and open sided structure enclosing a then deserted flea market. The ceiling was composed of multi-angled mirrors of different shapes. The view from underneath reflected everyday objects and city life going on around me. Hence the duplication and distortion of figures getting on with their daily lives. This body of work shows my personal take on life around Els Encants.”


John Cuddihy AIPF, June 2017.

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