Members Handbook (Read Only)







Established in 1983



TIME: All meetings Thursday nights[unless otherwise stated] starting at 8 pm.


PLACE: Pembroke Hotel

11 Patrick Street



R95 E40W




MISSION: Our aim is to serve our members by encouraging development of their photographic skills through education, exhibitions of photographic accomplishments, friendship with others who share a love of photography and to share our talents with individuals and organisations in our community.



The society was formed in 1983 by a small group of friends after attending night classes. The aim of the society was to and still is to serve its members by encouraging development of their photographic skills through education, exhibitions of photographic accomplishments, friendship with others who share a love of photography and to share our talents with individuals and organisations in our community.



Kilkenny Photographic Society (KPS) is a medium sized association of photographers with skill levels from beginner to professional. We meet almost every week on Thursday evenings to trade ideas, skills and stories. Usually we take a “summer” break from meetings during the month of June. New members (Adults 18+)are always welcome of any ability from beginners to advanced.

The society’s program varies to the needs of the members, but typically it’s a mix of group outings, guest speakers, workshops and internal competitions. KPS is a member of the Irish Photographic Federation (IPF) and the (Irish) Southern Association of Camera Clubs (SACC) and participates in their competitions. Members also compete in international Photographic Salon competitions. Members are encouraged to pursue accreditations in photography from the IPF.


Meeting Place:

The current meeting place for Kilkenny Photographic Society is in the Pembroke Hotel, 11 Patrick Street, Kilkenny.

The society meets on Thursday evenings with the formal programme commencing at 8 pm sharp. The room is opened by 7:30 pm to prepare for the meeting. It is requested that all mobile phones and other electronic equipment are switched off before the meeting starts.


Web site:

The society maintains its own web site at  containing the club’s programme, picture gallery of members’ work, event calendar, and other useful information about the club. The society website is built on the principle of sharing images and social integration and the club actively seeks to encourage its members to engage over the internet.



The society is actively involved in promoting its activities and images on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. It is recommended that members should make sure they familiarise themselves with the terms and conditions of the various social media platforms before using them.

The intention of the Facebook page is that it will be used to allow:


  • The Society to share relevant information, events, news,  etc. with members, for members to share relevant information and discuss photography issues with other members, and to promote the Society to non-members.


  • Forthcoming events, activities and deadlines will be added to the Facebook page at least a week in advance of them happening.


  • Relevant news, such as competition winners, Society Notices and relevant external news will be added to the      page at least on a weekly basis.



We are always looking for ways to improve so we are grateful when members make suitable suggestions to further the well being of the society and its members. If you have any ideas for a lecture or know someone who can give an interesting illustrated talk, please advise any committee member who will also be pleased to hear from any members wishing to prepare their own presentation.


Annual General Meeting:

The AGM is normally held in September following the society’s year-end. Further information can be found within the society’s constitution.

Society Rules:

The constitution and rules of the society have been formulated and modified during the life of the club. They may only be amended at an AGM or EGM.



The society is principally funded by annual subscriptions at a rate set at the A.G.M.  Currently Annual membership costs €90 per year, with a reduced rate of €55 for seniors (65 years of age and over), students (18 years of age and over) and members who are unwaged. Payment of the annual subscription is due in full during the month of September. The main costs are for the meeting rooms, guest speakers, judges, printing, equipment and the general running of the society.



We aim to provide our members with exposure to a wide variety of expert and interesting guest speakers throughout the year. Talks may include various aspects of photography, photographic methods and techniques. Guest speakers may use prints, projected digital images(P.D.I’s) and an audio-visual(A/V’s) presentation of images with sound.



Kilkenny Photographic Society holds its annual exhibition during the Kilkenny Arts Week over a period of ten days. The exhibition committee will organise the exhibition. Details of which will be announced well in advance for members to prepare. All members are encouraged to enter the exhibition and to volunteer to assist and to act as stewards during the event.


The society runs monthly competitions for its members throughout the year. They are both print and P.D.I (projected digital image) competitions. All members are encouraged to enter. Please see the competition internal section of the handbook for more details.

A full set of competition rules can be found in appendix 2.



Member evenings, as the name suggests, are when members take centre-stage and present a selection of their work. They may be print presentations, P.D.I’s or an audio-visual(A/V) presentation of images with recorded sound.



The society holds a number of sessions throughout the year where members, especially beginners, have the opportunity to improve their photographic skills by drawing on the knowledge of more experienced members within a workshop environment.

Amongst other things this would include topics should as camera functions, Portrait, landscape, Macro, Studio setup, Lighting, Photoshop and Lightroom techniques. Suggestions are always welcome and should be passed to the program secretary or any committee member.



The society offers photographic support to other groups and organisations and participates in various other activities in the local community.

In 2010 Kilkenny Photographic Society member Donal Byrne established a competition to promote photography in the secondary schools in Kilkenny, primarily amongst Transition Year Students.

A sub-committee is formed early during the society year to organise and run this annual competition. The annual event has grown from strength to strength and now has more than 20 schools in Kilkenny City and county participating.

Society members have also exhibited in Kilkenny castle with their exhibition ‘Kilkenny War Dead (1914-1918). Club members have provided images for the KSPCA annual calendar.

More recently the society has been invited by the management of St Luke’s General Hospital, Kilkenny to provide a permanent exhibition for their arts exhibition area and is currently on display.

The society has in the past hosted national photographic competitions in conjunction with the I.P.F. Example of which more recently was the I.P.F Photographer of the year and I.P.F Nature Photographer of the year competitions.



The committee is elected by the membership at the AGM, is responsible for managing the society and setting the rules for all competitions. Our committee consists of the following:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Competition Secretary
  • Programme Secretary
  • Web master
  • Committee Members [up to 3]



The CHAIRPERSON whenever possible chairs Annual and Special General Meetings and committee meetings and shall perform other duties as required by the committee.

The VICE-CHAIRPERSON deputises for the CHAIRPERSON when necessary and shall perform other duties as decided by the committee.

The SECRETARY keeps the minutes of all meetings and conducts the affairs of the society and perform other duties as decided by the committee.

The TREASURER collects all subscriptions and other monies owing and make payments on behalf of the society after authorisation by the committee. The Treasurer shall present the balance sheet at the AGM.

The COMPETITION SECRETARY is responsible, under the direction of the committee, for all print and digital competitions.

The PROGRAMME SECRETARY is responsible, under the direction of the committee, for arranging the society’s programmes.

The WEBMASTER shall be responsible, under the direction of the committee, for designing, implementing and managing all aspects of the society’s website and social media sites.


The COMMITTEE MEMBERS perform duties as defined by the committee.


More information on society management can be found in appendix no:1



The Southern Association of Camera Clubs (SACC):

The Southern Association of Camera Clubs (SACC) is the region of the Irish photographic Federation (IPF) covering the south of the country from Arklow to Clare.

The SACC has a history which precedes the formation of the IPF of which it is now a regional component. Annually, it arranges an inter-club competition and a nationwide creative digital competition. It is also responsible for holding the regional rounds of IPF national competitions. All SACC competitions are run under IPF rules.

In addition to running both its own competitions and regional qualifying rounds of IPF national competitions, the SACC is responsible for providing a means of communication between clubs in the south of the country.

The SACC also hosts guest lecturers from overseas which provides the opportunity for multiple clubs to attend a talk by high quality photographers that clubs themselves might otherwise not have the budget or facilities to host.


Further information can be found here :



The Irish Photographic Federation (I.P.F):

The Irish Photographic federation is comprised of photographic clubs throughout the Republic of Ireland. It is governed by a National Council, the members of the Council being elected at the AGM from member clubs.
The Federation is very much a co-operative movement which is dedicated to helping Irish photographers advance the standard of their photography. It also promotes awareness of photography as a highly satisfying artistic outlet and as a leisure pursuit. Activities include running annual championships in all aspects of photography and the organisation of lecture tours by internationally renowned photographers.

International connections are regarded as an essential part of the Federation’s activities as a means of keeping Irish photographers in touch with outer styles and techniques. The Federation, a member of the Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique (FIAP), sends panels of images to FIAP’s annual world Championships in various photographic disciplines and generally achieves high ranking in these competitions.

The Federation also administers a distinctions scheme for its members as a means of promoting photographic excellence. Photographers can progress from Licentiate, through Associateship to the highest level of Fellowship. The IPF distinctions are highly prized internationally, with many foreign photographers submitting panels for consideration
Further information can be found here:




The Monthly Competition is a KPS club competition, open to fully paid up members only.

The society holds monthly competitions for both prints and digital images. To ensure fair competition between photographers of similar ability, Members participating in KPS (PotY) competitions are divided into three categories based on the following criteria.


  1. Novice : A New Member who hasn’t been a member of any other camera club.
  2. Intermediate : Any member who doesn’t qualify for a Novice or Advanced categories, or who has won a KPS PotY Novice award.
  3.  Advanced : A member who has got a distinction / accreditation from the IPF, RPS or equivalent national or international photography organisation, or has received 2 or more salon medals, or who is a professional or semi-professional photographer, or equivalent local camera club/photographic society, or a member who has won a KPS PotY Intermediate award.


Winners of the KPS POTY Novice and Intermediate category will automatically be promoted to the next category. Members can also request to be promoted to a higher category.


More detailed information and rules can be found in appendix 2.



Picturk is a platform that the society uses for it’s monthly P.D.I competitions.The Picturk website can be found at .  The K.P.S platform can be found here . For more information and registration please contact the competition secretary.



SACC Competitions:

The SACC runs a number of photographic competitions throughout the year, both for individual competitors and for clubs. Some of these competitions are regional qualifying rounds for IPF national competitions and all competitions are run under IPF rules.

SACC Photographer of the Year Competition:

This competition, previously known as the SACC Print & Projected Image Competition, is the SACC regional qualifying round for the IPF Photographer of the Year Competition and is usually held in November with national finals taking place in February. The best overall image in SACC region is awarded the Seamus Scullane Memorial Trophy. This is a competition for individuals in SACC clubs to enter. There are 6 categories available to enter; 3 open and 3 themed. Please see for further details and rules.


SACC Nature Competition:

The SACC Nature competition is a regional qualifying round for the IPF National Nature Competition  and usually takes place in January with the national finals taking place in February.  This competition is open to individual photographers in SACC affiliated clubs.
Images submitted must comply with the definition of Nature Photography as published by FIAP in the FIAP categories. Please see for further details and rules.

SACC Interclub Competition:

This competition, previously known as SACC Annual Competition and Exhibition is held in early spring. Each SACC club can enter up to three panels of ten images each in colour print, monochrome print and projected image sections. Historically, this competition was the regional qualifying round of the IPF National Club Finals, however, this is no longer the case.  This is a club competition.

Three panels, each containing 10 images.
Each photographer represented may have a maximum of two images per panel.

Colour Print

Monochrome Print

Projected Image

Please see  for further details and rules.


SACC Creative Photography Competition:

The SACC Creative Photography Competition (previously known as the SACC Creative Digital Competition) is open to members of all clubs affiliated to the SACC and also to members of all clubs affiliated to the Irish Photographic Federation (IPF).  This is ‘anything goes’ creative photography, whether creative in-camera or by post-processing. Online entry usually opens at the start of October.

Please see for further details and rules.

I.P.F Competitions:

The IPF runs a number of competitions during the year. The two main club competitions are the National Shield competition held in November and the National Championships, held in April. In addition, there are two individual competitions, the National Photographer of the year competition and the National Nature competition. Both of these are by individual entry. Entry to both of these competitions is only via regional rounds.
It is IPF policy that national panels representing Ireland abroad will be picked from the top images entered in these national competitions.

IPF Photographer of the Year Competition:

The national finals of the IPF Photographer of the Year Competition take place in February each year. The finals are a culmination of regional qualifying rounds from our five regions (SACC, DSLR, Mid-West, North-West and North-East). The regional qualifying rounds take place between November 1st and January 31st each year. This competition was previously known as the IPF National Print & Projected Image Competition. Please see for further details  and competition rules.

IPF National Club Championships:

The IPF National Club Championships is an annual inter club competition which is open to all clubs who are affiliated to the IPF. This competition showcases the work of photographers from clubs all over the country. Each competing club may submit a panel of colour prints and/or a panel of monochrome prints. Note that only those clubs who enter both sections will be eligible for the overall award. The National Club Championships take place over a weekend in May and tend to coincide with the May Distinctions Sitting and the IPF AGM. Tension levels are usually very high, not surprising when there is an IPF Distinctions Sitting happening next door! The winning club is presented with the Sean Casey Memorial Trophy which was commissioned in memory of the late Sean Casey, founder member of the IPF. For a club to take home this trophy is the biggest honour in club photography terms in Ireland and provides a great atmosphere to be in.

Please see for further details and rules.

IPF National Shield:

The IPF National Shield is an annual inter club competition which is open to all clubs who are affiliated to the IPF. Only those photographers competing at Intermediate level are eligible to be represented in this competition.

This competition showcases the work of photographers from clubs all over the country. Each competing club may submit a panel of colour prints and/or a panel of monochrome prints. Note that only those clubs who enter both sections will be eligible for the overall award. It’s a highly competitive day, but also filled with good humour and stories as colleagues and friends catch up.

Please see for further details and competition rules.

IPF AV National Championships:

The IPF AV National Championships takes place in October each year and is usually held in conjunction with the IPF International AV Competition.

There are sections for Novices, Intermediate, Club and Advanced in the National Championships and extra awards for Humour, Best First Time Entrant, Best Sound, Best Photography and Best Overall. All sequences in the national competition will be commented on – so it is advisable for all entrants to attend and learn from both their own and other entrant’s sequences.

Please see  for    further details and competition rules.



Photographic distinctions are lettered accreditation awards made to individual members of clubs in recognition of having achieved a prescribed level of competency in photography.

In Ireland distinctions are awarded by the IPF – Irish Photographic Federation and by the International Federation of Photographic Art [FIAP].

The IPF issue three distinctions:

  • Licentiate [LIPF]
  • Associate [AIPF]
  • Fellow [FIPF]

You must be a member, in good standing, of an IPF affiliated club in order to apply for an IPF distinction. Please check the I.P.F website for further information.

The I.P.F runs occasional distinction workshops hosted by various experienced photographers throughout the year. Please check the I.P.F website for regular updates on dates and venues.



R.P.S.: In the UK distinctions are awarded by the R.P.S- The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain:

This organisation covers all aspects of photography, both professional and amateur. It is a Learned Society and promotes photography internationally as a visual art form. It also has charitable status and is independent of all the foregoing organisations. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in photography and currently stands at around 10,000 from all parts of the world.

The Society Headquarters are in Bath, where there are frequent exhibitions and events. In addition the RPS has many specialist interest groups that promote particular aspects of photography as well as a regional structure with a programme of several hundred events annually across the country. A Journal and other specialist technical papers are published by the RPS.

The RPS award Distinctions for photographic merit as follows:

  • Licentiate-[LRPS]
  • Associate-[ARPS]
  • Fellow-[FRPS]

There are also the awards of Hon FRPS and Hon Member for outstanding service to photography and the Society

Further information can be found here:




F.I.A.P: Otherwise known as the International Federation of Photographic Art, its members are national photographic federations. It is limited to one per country and Ireland is represented by the I.P.F.

As additional encouragement to photographers to take part in international events, FIAP created a worldwide system of photographic Distinctions earned by success in FIAP supported exhibitions. These are:

  • AFIAP –   Artist FIAP
  • EFIAP –    Excellence FIAP
  • EFIAP/b – EFIAP Bronze
  • EFIAP/s – EFIAP Silver
  • EFIAP/g -EFIAP Gold
  • EFIAP/p – EFIAP Platinum
  • MFIAP – Master Photographer FIAP


The MFIAP is one of the greatest photographic honours in the world. There are also two honours for services to photography, namely ESFIAP and Hon EFIAP.

These Distinctions are gained through a process of points accumulation based on image acceptance at specified international competitions, commonly referred to as “Salons”, that have formally been granted FIAP Patronage.

Further information can be found at:









  • Chairperson:John Hughes


  • Vice Chairperson: John Cuddihy


  • Secretary: Mary Hickey


  • Treasurer: Ber Marnell


  • Competition Secretaries: Derville Conroy/Andy Magan/ Eddie Conway


  • Programme Secretaries: Andy Magan and John Cuddihy


  • Web Master: Denis O’Reilly


  • PRO: Mark Desmond






The Competition – Entries:

  1. Competitions are in Digital Projected Images / Monochrome Prints / Colour Prints with the Monthly Themes decided by the Competition Secretary / Secretaries
  2. All images entered in the competition must be that of the person stated in the entirely.
  3. The number of images that can be entered per competition will be determined by the Competition Secretary / Secretaries.
  4. Scoring in the competition shall be on the basis of the official score sheet approved by the Competition Secretary from time to time, which sheet shall form part of the rules of the competition. Results shall be based on the aggregate scores given by the judges to each competing image.
  5. All Digital Projected images must be uploaded onto Picturk

* File sized between 1-7 MB by the specified closing date.

* Jpeg file must include the following

* Membership Number.

* Title of Image.

* Entries not conforming will be deemed illegible for the competition.


  1. All Monochrome Print / Colour Print images must be handed in by the specified closing date.


*The minimum size of image is 10″x 8″ and the maximum mount size is 20″x 16″.

* Prints must be mounted.  A simple mount of a photo on a card backing is acceptable.

* Monochrome / Colour Print images must carry a completed KPS official label .


  • Labels will be available at time of handing in of images


Example below:




The image label must include the following:

  • Competition Title.
  • Membership Number.
  • Image Title.
  • Your Category i.e.: Novice, Intermediate or Advanced.


  • Entries not conforming will be deemed illegible for the competition•


  1. It is not permitted to enter the same image (except in a Panel) in more than one competition. This includes conversions to monochrome, digital versions , etc., For the purpose of interpreting this rule, a monochrome version, a digital version, a colour version, (printed or otherwise), a cropped or flipped version originating from the same original photograph will be deemed to be the same image.


  1. Images must not include : Your Name, Text or any Watermarks.


9. Submission of an entry constitutes acceptance of the rules of the competition.



The Competition Secretaries will be responsible for selecting judges for all KPS competition. Judges will be briefed on the theme of the competition, scoring system and feedback forms. The decision of the judges is final and no discussion is to be entered into with the judges regarding their decision.


Code of Conduct:

Respect the rules of the KPS and compete within those rules.   Accept the judge’s or assessor’s decision. Do not abuse or harass judges or publicly question their judgment and never question their honesty.


Exhibitions and Competitions Selection (Panels):


  1. 1. The society committee appoints a subcommittee to assist with the selection of images for Exhibitions and Competition Panels. Images will be chosen on their merits. Submission of images does not guarantee selection for the final panels.


  1. 2. The KPS shall adopt the rules as defined by:





Relating to monochrome prints, colour prints and digital images.


  1. Any or all Projected or Print images selected for panels or competitions, can be used in the promotion of the Kilkenny Photographic Society. All images remain the copyright of the photographer.
  1. Submission of an entries constitutes acceptance of the rules and regulations of the society’s competitions.


Care of Files, Images or Mounts:

Where every care is taken with all files, images and mounts, the KPS, Competition Secretaries or any member are not responsible for any loss of or damage to files, images or mounts entered into competitions.


Right of Change:

Members will be notified in advance of any changes to the rules and regulations.


Appendix No. 3




   1: Name

2: Aims and Objectives

3: Membership

4: Honorary Membership

5: The Committee

6: Finances

7: Meetings

8: Competitions

9: Equipment

10: Amendments

11: Data Protection

12: Society Website

13: Social Media

14: Dissolution


1.0: NAME:


1.1: The name of the society shall be Kilkenny Photographic Society [herein referred to as ‘The Society’]


2.0: Aims and Objectives:

2.1: To promote and provide a platform to encourage an interest in all forms of photography at all skill levels and to foster social relationships between photographers.

2.2: To embrace traditional, new and advancing photographic technologies and genres.

2.3: To organise lectures, workshops, demonstrations, group outings and other events for the benefit of all society members.

2.4: To hold at least one annual exhibition of member’s photographic work.

2.5: To promote and foster relationships with other camera clubs and societies at both national and international level.

2.6: To maintain membership of and pay subscriptions to the Irish Photographic Federation (IPF), Southern Association of Camera Clubs (SACC) and any organisation both national and international which is in the nature of a confederation of photographic clubs and societies.

2.7: To enter in photographic competitions at society, national and international level and to pursue accreditations in photography from the Irish Photographic Federation and other international bodies.

2.8: To share our talents with individuals and organisations in our community.

2.9: The society shall annually submit to the National Secretary of the Irish Photographic Federation the names, addresses and contact details of the society’s executive officers following the AGM.

2.10: The society will annually submit to the National Secretary of the Irish Photographic Federation a copy of its public liability insurance certificate following its annual AGM.

2.11: After any amendments to the society’s constitution, it shall then be lodged with the National Secretary of the Irish Photographic Federation as the society’s most up to date copy.

2.12: Kilkenny Photographic Society is an affiliate member of the Irish Photographic Federation and agrees to abide by the provisions of the constitution of the Irish Photographic Federation.


3.0: Membership:

 3.1:Kilkenny Photographic Society reserves the right to refuse admission to membership

 3.2: Society membership shall be open to any person 18 years of age or over, who pays a membership fee and agrees to abide by the constitution and the rules of the society.

3.3: A person is not deemed to be a member until such time as he or she has paid his or her subscription fee and may not take part in any competitions, outings or exhibitions in the name of the society, nor can they vote on any issues until such time as the membership fee has been paid in full.

3.4: Each applicant for membership shall complete an application form, which shall be in the form as determined by the committee.

3.5: The society will maintain a register of members and any person whose name is properly entered onto that register shall be a member of the society whilst his or her name remains on the register.

3.6: In each society year the committee shall determine the amount of the membership fee to be paid by each member in respect of the following society year. The determination of that figure shall be an item of business for the Annual General Meeting [AGM].

3.7: The committee shall make one or more proposals to the AGM and the amount of the membership fee shall be whichever figure is passed by an ordinary resolution. The committee shall not propose any figure which shall be insufficient to meet the anticipated financial requirements of the society for the coming year.


3.8: Membership fees shall become due immediately following the AGM[or at the committees discretion]and shall be paid in one sum no later than September 30th of the year it becomes due.


3.9: Membership shall be for each year from the 1st September or from the date of joining until the 31st of August in the following year.

3.10: For new members joining after the 31st of Dec the membership fee shall be calculated on a pro rata basis. However, under exceptional circumstances, the committee shall be able to levy a lower rate of membership.

3.11: A committee member who wishes to retire from the society shall give explicit written notice to the Secretary of the society. A member who retires from the society during the society year shall not be entitled to a refund of any part of his or her membership fee.

3.12: If a member shall fail to pay his or her membership fee by the 31st December of the year in which it becomes due, after notification by email of the outstanding membership fee due, shall be deemed to have retired from the society. The members name will be removed from the register of members. In the case of a member deemed retired but wishes to re-join they will be required to submit a fresh application for membership.

3.13: The society name, websites, social media sites, its facilities and equipment shall not be used by any of its members for commercial purposes other than to the benefit of the society.

3.14: No member or group of members may enter into any transaction of any kind wherein he, she or they represent themselves as representing or acting on behalf of Kilkenny Photographic Society without first having been given permission by the executive committee to do so. If and when granted, such permission applies only to the particular instance and does not carry with it implied permission to enter into future transactions.

3.15: If the conduct of any member is such as shall, in the reasonable opinion of the committee deemed to be injurious to the character, welfare of the society or constitutes a serious breach of any rule of the society, then the committee shall give written notice to the member in question, giving full particulars of the reasons why the committee is of such opinion. The notice shall require the member within 28 days to respond to the particulars stated in the notice. The committee will consider any response made by the member. Following such considerations the committee shall decide whether or not to suspend or revoke the membership of the offending person.


4.0 Honorary Membership:

4.1: Honorary life membership may be granted to past and present members for exceptional services to the society as proposed by the committee and ratified at the AGM. Honorary life members shall be subject to the same rules and have the same rights and privileges as society members. They shall be without liability to subscription.

5.0: The Committee:

5.1: The business affairs of the society shall be controlled and managed by an executive committee consisting of the following:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice-Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Competition Secretary
  • Programme Secretary
  • Webmaster
  • PRO
  • And not more than two executive members of the committee. In certain circumstances some positions may be created and shared for the duration of the committee.


5.2: The executive officers and committee as in 5.1 above, shall be elected by a single majority vote at the AGM. Each member present will cast one vote for their choice of candidate in each election.

5.3[a]: In the event of any of the posts of the executive officers or other posts remaining unfilled at the AGM, the already elected members of the executive committee shall be obliged to fill the remaining vacant posts from among themselves.

5.3[b]: Should the elected executive committee fail to fill such remaining posts, it shall return to the general membership at the following ordinary meeting of the society to seek nominations for these remaining posts.

5.3[c]: The outgoing Chairperson shall conduct the business of the AGM until such time as the new Chairperson is appointed or elected.


5.4: No one member can hold any one office for more than three consecutive years. After having relinquished the office for a period of not less than twelve months, a person will then become eligible for a further term in the office which he or she had previously held.

5.5: Any member may nominate another member to stand for election to the committee. Subject to the consent of the nominee, all nominations for election to the committee shall be proposed by a club member, seconded by another club member in written form on the society nomination form. The form shall be delivered to the secretary not less than fourteen days before the date of the AGM.

5.6: The Chairperson may, if he or she deems necessary, permit nominations for committee posts/positions to be made during the meeting [AGM].

5.7: The committee shall meet as often as the business of the society shall require.


5.8: When a member of the committee fails to attend three committee meetings within the committee’s elected term of office and has not communicated his or her apologies in advance then such a member shall be considered to have resigned his or her position on the committee in accordance with article 5.9.

5.9: The committee shall co-opt members to fill any vacancies that may occur on the committee or amongst officers of the society during the society year.

5.10: The committee may appoint sub committees from its members to oversee specific duties and/or events.

5.11: The committee shall prepare a programme of events for the year and will have the right to change the programme when deemed necessary in the best interest of the society.

5.12: The Minutes of all committee meetings shall be kept by the Secretary. The minutes of previous meeting shall be circulated at an appropriate time in advance of the next meeting and if deemed to be in order, they shall be proposed and seconded and be signed by the chairperson at the subsequent meeting.

5.13: All decisions at committee meetings will be reached by a simple majority. The Chairperson will hold the deciding vote in the event of equality of voting.

6.0: Finances:

 6.1: The Treasurer shall receive all monies due to the society and shall pay sums as ordered by the committee. The Treasurer shall keep an account of all such receipts and payments and render such statements to the committee and auditors as they may require.

6.2 : The Treasurer shall on his or her retirement from office or under the direction of the committee shall hand over to the Chairman of the society, all account documentation, pin numbers, login details for on-line banking, bank cards, passwords etc, appertaining to his or her office.

6.3 : The financial year shall coincide with the Annual General Meeting.

6.4 : The society bankers and/or credit unions shall be determined by the committee. The signatures on all such accounts shall be any two of three members of the committee provided that the Treasurer shall sign all cheques and notices of withdrawal. Where the office of Treasurer is vacant at the time of withdrawal or signing of cheque[s], the signatories shall be the Chairperson or the Secretary.


6.5: Any committee member or member of the society shall be entitled to be reimbursed the full amount of all out of pocket expenses incurred wholly and exclusively in the course of undertaking duties on behalf of the society.


6.6: No such expense shall be reimbursed unless the member who has incurred it submits evidence to the reasonable satisfaction of the Treasurer that the expense has been incurred by the member. Such evidence shall comprise a receipt or invoice or such other evidence as is sufficient to enable the auditor to be satisfied that the expense was incurred by the member claiming the reimbursement.

7.0: Meetings:

7.1:  The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings of the committee and at the AGM or EGM of the society. In the event of his or her absence his or her place may be taken by the vice-chairperson or a member elected as Chairperson by the meeting.

7.2: No meeting of the committee shall be quorate at any time unless there are at least four committee members present but to include either the Chairperson, or the Secretary, or the Treasurer.

7.3: No general meeting[AGM/EGM] shall be quorate unless 25% of the registered members are present at the stated start time of the meeting. Any general meeting that is not quorate after thirty minutes of the start time of the meeting will be deferred.


7.4: There shall be an AGM of the society annually but no later than fifteen months after the last AGM for the purpose of receiving the reports of the officers, for the election of the officers and committee for the ensuing year, and for any other business of which due notice has been given.

7.5: The Annual General Meeting will hear and vote on the adoption of the reports of the outgoing committee to include but not limited to:

  1. Minutes of previous general meetings[AGM/EGM]
  2. The Chairman’s report.
  3. The Secretary’s report.
  4. The Treasurer’s report.


7.6: At least 21 days notice shall be given to each member of the date, time and venue of the AGM. Email will be considered the normal method of providing notification. The agenda and running order of the meeting will be included in this notification. Notifications may be posted to the society’s website.

7.7: Motions at the AGM shall require a simple majority and motions at a EGM shall be decided by two-thirds majority. The Chairperson shall hold the deciding vote in the event of equality of voting.

7.8: Submissions of motions, with the details of the proposer and seconder, shall be submitted to the Secretary at least fourteen days in advance of the AGM

7.9: Notice of motions shall be given to members at least twelve days advance of the AGM.

7.10: Submissions of amendments to motions, with the details of the proposer and the seconder, shall be submitted with the secretary at least seven days in advance of the AGM.

7.11: Notice of amendments to motions shall be given to members at least five days in advance the AGM.


8.0: Competitions:

8.1: The committee will organise internal competitions throughout the society’s year for members participation.

8.2: The rules and regulations will be set by the committee for internal competitions. They shall be published in the society handbook.

8.3: Internal competitions are divided into three categories:

  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


8.4: The society may enter external competitions both nationally and internationally.

9.0: Equipment:

9.1 Kilkenny Photographic Society equipment includes but not limited to a laptop, screen, projector, lighting, modifiers, light stands, reflectors, backdrops, backdrop stands, light boxes, DVD player, books, software, calibration software, display boards, etc.

9.2 Use of society equipment shall be managed by the committee or a committee member. Members requesting the use of society equipment shall contact the committee or committee member in the first instance.

9.3: An equipment register shall be maintained by the committee or a committee member. Equipment shall be returned in the same condition as loaned to the member. Equipment shall be returned to the society within an agreed time period with the member concerned. Any expenses incurred due to recovery, breakages or damage to society equipment shall be that members responsibility.


9.4: The society will not accept responsibility for loss of or damage to equipment owned by any members or third parties while attending society meetings, workshops, demonstrations, lectures or group outings organised by the society.

9.5: No member shall use society equipment for commercial gain without first consulting with the committee. Any member found to be doing so will be subject to the provisions of 3.15.

10.0: Amendments:

 10.1: This constitution may only be altered by way of a special resolution at an AGM or EGM.

10.2: Proposed amendments to this constitution shall be notified to all members at least 21 days in advance of an AGM or an EGM.

10.3: No amendment shall be valid unless sixty-six percent of society members present vote in favour of it at the AGM/EGM.

10.4: Where matters arise that require interpretation not covered by this constitution then the committee shall have the power to act in the best interests of the society until such time that the committee can convene an Extraordinary General Meeting [EGM] of the society.


11.0: Data Protection:

11.1 Kilkenny Photographic Society shall adhere to all current data protection legislation in all of its activities.


12.0: Society Website:

 12.1: The society will maintain its own Website at  containing the society’s programme, picture gallery of member’s work, event calendar, and other useful information about the society. The Website will be built on the principle of sharing images and social integration and for purposes as decided by the committee. The society will actively encourage its members to engage over the internet.

12.2: The Website shall be hosted by persons or companies as deemed fit to do so by the committee. The committee shall procure that whatever arrangements are made for hosting the site are such that:

The society reputation is not damaged in anyway.

  • The society does not lose control of the Website.
  • That the content of the site is not lost or compromised.
  • Login details remain the property of the society at all times.

12.3: The Webmaster, under the direction of the committee, shall be responsible for designing, implementing and managing all aspects of the society’s website and social media sites. He or she shall arrange the content, layout and design requirements of the society’s Website.

12.4: He or she shall ensure the Website’s content is kept up-to-date, and communicate these updates to the members. He or she shall monitor the Website’s technical performance, effectiveness and security, and report statistics back to the committee and members as appropriate. He or she shall carry out any other duties relevant to his or her office and deemed necessary by the committee.

12.5: On his or her retirement from office or under the direction of the committee he or she shall hand over to the Chairman of the society, all data files, login details, etc., appertaining to his or her office.

12.6: The webmaster may at any time and for any reason, under the direction of the committee correct without liability any typographical, clerical or other error or omission in the information contained on the Website. Kilkenny Photographic Society aims to update the Website regularly, and may change the content at anytime. If the need arises, Kilkenny Photographic Society may suspend access to the Website, or close it indefinitely.



13.1: The society currently has social media sites on the following platforms: Facebook and Twitter. It should be noted that these sites are open to the public to view and comment on. It is recommended that members should make sure that they familiarise themselves with the terms and conditions of the various social media platforms that we use before using them. For example, Facebook’s terms on images and video’s:

”For content that is covered by intellectual property rights, like photos and videos (IP content), you specifically give us the following permission, subject to your privacy and application settings: you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook (IP License). This IP License ends when you delete your IP content or your account unless your content has been shared with others, and they have not deleted it.”•

13.2: Society members must take responsibility for the accuracy and appropriateness of any public media communications in which reference is made directly or indirectly to the society’s activities.

13.3: Members must have approval from the executive committee before making any public media statement that purports to represent the views of the society or that could affect the interests of the society.

13.4: Members are advised of the following when posting information or content to our social media sites, that the content or information:

  •  is factually accurate and complies with the society’s   policies and procedures,
  •  is not obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing,
  •  is not discriminatory or hateful to another member or  person affiliated to the society such as, but not limited to, a    committee member, member, judge or sponsor,
  •  is respectful of all individuals and communities and the   opinions of others,
  • does not bring into disrepute the reputation of the society,
  •  is not confidential to the society, individual members of the    society or a person affiliated to the society such as, but not  limited to a member, a judge or sponsor,
  •  does not include personal information relating to another member of the society or a person affiliated to the society      such as, but not limited to, a judge or sponsor, without their express written consent,
  •  does not include any photographs copyrighted to another    member unless express permission has been sought and  given by the individual member to whom the photograph belongs.


14.0: Dissolution:

 14.1: A resolution to dissolve the society may only be taken at an Annual General or Extraordinary General meeting.

14.2: If upon winding up or dissolution of Kilkenny Photographic Society, there remains, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any residual property or moneys whatsoever, the same shall be distributed in equal part amongst the registered members at that time.


The foregoing Constitution and Rules were made at an Annual General Meeting of Kilkenny Photographic Society on this the 15th Day of September 2016.




John Hughes                     Date: 15/09/2016                         Chairperson


Johnny Cuddihy                Date: 15/09/2016                      Vice-Chairperson


Ber Marnell                         Date: 15/09/2016                     Treasurer


 Mary Hickey                       Date: 15/09/2016                    Secretary


 Derville Conroy                 Date: 15/09/2016             Competition Secretary


 Andrew Magan                  Date: 15/09/2016              Competition Secretary


Eddie Conway                   Date: 15/09/2016               Competition Secretary


Denis O’Reilly                    Date: 15/09/2016               Webmaster


Mark Desmond                   Date: 15/09/2016                PRO





































































































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