Members are reminded that the last date for submitting images for selection for our entry in the National Shield 2014 is September 26th. If you have any images that you wish to submit please submit them before that date. Ideally you should bring them to the the Weekly meeting on Sept 16th on a usb thumb drive or on some other media, e.g. a CD or DVD. Some images for consideration have been selected from entries in the Annual Exhibition, however if you wish to have other images considered please submit them.

Some addition information regarding this event and eligible members is posted below:

National Shield 2014

The IPF National Shield Club competition 2014 will be held on Saturday, 8th of November and will be hosted by Malahide Camera Club. More details and the full program for the day will be posted closer to the date.

The National Shield is an inter-club competition for all members of camera clubs who are deemed to be intermediate photographers. The formal definition of an intermediate photographer:

Photographers who come under any of the following categories will not be deemed to be Intermediate workers:

Persons who have
(a) Received IPF or similar ie. FIAP, PSA, RPS or any other distinctions;
(b) Been awarded more than one IPF medal in IPF national competitions;
(c) Whose image(s) have represented the IPF in international competitions;
(d) Received acceptances with more than two image titles in international exhibitions/salons.(e) Persons whose club considers them to be of advanced standard in any discipline of photography (eg. Monochrome, Colour Print, Projected Image, AV etc.).
(e) Photographers who, in the opinion of the Federation, are of advanced standard.

A couple of points worth highlighting:

– Each panel is composed of 8 images. A club can also nominate 2 additional images to substitute in case of a dispute relating to an image on a panel.
– No more than one image per photographer is allowed in each panel. The interpretation of this is that a photographer can have one image in the Mono panel and one in the Colour panel.


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