National Shield Results 2014. As most members will know we competed in the National Shield yesterday (Sat 8th Nov). The KPS results and our ranking overall can be seen below.

Andy and Ned represented the selection committee at the event. Thanks to both for their effort in bringing the panels to the venue in Dublin and making sure that the panels were displayed properly. Richie and John were there to represent the Admin Committee.

When the results were announced our entry came in 17th in the overall rankings. We didn’t do as well as we had expected but there was very strong competition on the day. We were 59 points adrift compared with the winning club (Galway) which got 820 points in total.
The Galway and Waterford clubs had very striking panels and Galway was the well deserved winner with Waterford coming 2nd. The winning image overall came from the Wexford camera club.

Scroll down to see the overall results and the KPS entries contact sheets and individual image results. Thanks Andy for forwarding these and the other images in this post.

The detailed results and a slideshow of many of the winning contact sheets are available on the IPF website:



For those who missed out on our preview of the KPS panels on Thursday evening last, here are the contact sheets of each panel (Colour and Monno) with the judges mark.





Members of KPS at the National Shield event:


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