The National Shield 2015 selection committee would like to thank all the members that contributed images to the competition. This is the panel that represented KPS.

Congrats has to go to Mark Desmond that got a bronze medal for his photo ‘ The Crunch’

The KPS came 2nd place in the Colour Panel (Andy Magan receiving the Cert on behalf of the KPS from Lilian Web AIPF – IPF Vice-President)

The KPS came 4th Overall in the competition out of 27 Clubs (list included)

Congratulations to the Colour and Monochrome members that got their images selected:

Colour Panel: left to right                                                                          Mono Images: left to right

1. Sergejs Pikurs                                                                                           1. Dan Ryan
2. Carrie Hart                                                                                               2. Sergejs Pikurs
3. Dan Ryan                                                                                                  3. Niall Hirsch
4. Pat Quinn                                                                                                 4. Andy Magan
5. Niall Hirsch                                                                                              5. Pat Quinn
6. Mark Desmond                                                                                       6. Eddie Conway
7. Andy Magan                                                                                            7. Mark Desmond
8. Paul Kelly                                                                                                8. Carrie Hart

Substitute Colour images                                                                         Substitute Mono images

9. Mary Hickey                                                                                          9. Mara Martin
10. Mara Martin                                                                                        10. Denis O’Reilly

The Selection Committee:

Andy Magan and Derville Conroy (Competition Secretaries)
Seamus Costelloe
Karen O’Hara
Ned Mahon

Printing by Seamus Costelloe
Mounting by Paul Campion

ContactSheet Col KPS 2015ContactSheet B&W KPS 2015



Receiving the Cert. IPF for FPS 7th Nov 2015The Crunch


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