Many of us participated in the 52 Weeks – 52 Themes over the past year and now that the project is finished some members are missing the commitment of having an assignment each week.  Personally, I found it forced me to take my camera out each week regardless of light & weather and it encouraged me to be more creative in how I imagined the subject and captured the image.

Several members have indicated that they would like a similar project in 2013 / 2014 so I’m seeking ideas and would welcome a discussion on the subject that would engage KPS members in putting forward their own ideas.

I’m happy to admin the project this year but would be equally happy to hand it over to anyone else who might be interested.

Some ideas for the 2013 / 2014 project might be…

  • The time could be extended to every 2 weeks or even once a month
  • Take a different genre for each assignment – Still Life, Night-time photography, light graffiti, street photography etc., etc. Use of aperture or shutter speed or even bulb mode.
  • Nobody ever exhibits their original image any longer, it might be interesting if everybody took the exact same shot and then post processed it to their liking with their favourite software.  I wonder how many very different images would emerge?
  • Any assignment that would involve sharing post processing methods from the collective knowledge and skills of individual members, whether they use picasa, gimp, pixlr, photoshop, lightroom, nix or any other photo editing software would be incredibly useful to every member of KPS.
  • Tie in with projects being announced weekly or monthly by KPS committee

Anyway, I’ve started the discussion and would love to hear the opinions of other members

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