The High Street Exhibition Venue (2014) has now been painted

Eddie Conway and Kevin Higgins have now completed the painting of our High Street Arcade Exhibition venue and it’s looking very fresh after the new facelift. We’ve also started the process of cleaning and repairing the floor covering. Thanks to Eddie and Kevin for their time and work on the painting – they’ve done a great job.

Below are a few images taken after the painting – apologies for the poor quality – they don’t do justice to the fresh look of the place. [ Phone cameras don’t really cut it in these circumstances!  🙂 ]

We’d like to remind members to confirm their intention to participate in the exhibition by sending an email to

Thanks to those members who have already emailed (24 members have now confirmed).
If you sent an email you should have received an acknowledgement by return email. So, if you sent a confirmation email but haven’t received an acknowledgement, please get in contact and let us know.

Arcade photo 1


Arcade photo 3



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