Congratulations to Pat Brennan (LIPF, LRPS) how has won KPS Photographer of the Year (PotY) for 2013.

Each year KPS members are eligible to compete for the PotY award by entering in 5 or more of the designated KPS photography competitions. Points toward the PotY competition are awarded based on members places in the monthly competitions, and the member with the highest points is awarded the PotY trophy. This year Pat placed 1st in 3 of the monthly competition and 2nd in another.

In previous years an engraved personal trophy has been awarded to the winner. This year, in addition to the personal trophy, the winner’s name is also engraved on a KPS PotY perpetual trophy which the get to retain for a year.

Again, congratulations to Pat – a popular winner and a popular KPS member who is always willing to give advice to his fellow members when asked and to help out with KPS events. He’s set the bar high for future PotY competitions!


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