Paul Keene (FIPF MFIAP, UK) is a member of the Zoological Photographic Club and will be our guest speaker on Monday, 22nd February, at 8pm. There will be a cover charge of €5 on the night.While Paul’s area of expertise is wildlife I believe that his topic on the night will be portraiture. Following is short profile of Paul.

My interest in wildlife began at school when a friend in the soccer team introduced me to the pleasures of bird watching. However, taking field notes was never going to be enough and when I was 15,   I persuaded my father to buy me an Exa 1 SLR camera for Christmas. It was an expensive present and it must have cost him a week’s wages. Perhaps he realised that it would be the start of a hobby that would last me a lifetime.

A few years later, I was exploring nearby woods, following what I thought was a badger track, when I stumbled across a hide, suspended 35ft above the ground across four conifer trees. I eventually found its creator, Roy Blewitt, who was a great help and inspiration to me in my early years of wildlife photography.

I have also learned a great deal from joining my local photographic societies, first Stourbridge PS, then Smethwick PS, and for the last 30 years, Amersham PS. As a result, my photographic interests have become quite wide-ranging. I was awarded my ARPS in 1975 for a panel of nature slides, and my FRPS in 1991 for a panel of prints of prehistoric stone circles. I am also an enthusiastic international exhibitor and reached the EFIAP platinum level in 2003.  In order to put something back into photography, I give occasional talks and provide feedback to others as a PAGB judge.

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