White’s Photo Centre, in conjunction with Olympus, is holding a promotional event tonight, Thursday, 23rd November, in the Ormonde Hotel at 6.15pm. After this event we are convening downstairs in the Pembroke Hotel for a brainstorm session regarding the recently announced Personal Projects Plan. This is an ideal opportunity for all members to bring along their ideas to express their creativity in any photographic medium they desire. This can include iPhoneography, film Photography, AV or any other visual image making with a camera or even a scanner.

Within the limits of human reason, there are no deadlines, rules nor regulations in this venture. To this end, several longstanding members have offered to act as mentors in assisting others achieve their goals. This is a very broad and exciting development in the KPS but needs to be carefully planned and nurtured for the benefit of all club members on an ongoing basis. May 31st next has been earmarked as a Review Night to celebrate what has been achieved by members who wish to show their work, whether complete or still in progress.

Finally, several members are considering going forward for their IPF Licentiates. A set of “L mentors” are already in place who will be available to assist these members to this end. This will also be discussed Thursday night.

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