Anna for flagging this competition on the KPS Facebook page.
(It’s now even easier for the “Facebookers” amongst us to stay up to speed on photography related stories and KPS events. Thanks Anna.)

The Coca-Cola Clean Coasts photography competition was launched on Thursday 16th of May 2013 as part of Coca-Cola Clean Coasts Week 2013. This amateur photography competition has proven itself to be a great way of show casing Ireland’s diverse and unique beauty and heritage, and has captured the pride and imagination of both photographers and the public.

 Note: The strict closing date and time for entries is 4pm on Friday the 16th August 2013

So, if you’re interested, there’s still time to get your entry in!!!

From the Clean Coast competition website:

[mantra-pullquote align=”center” textalign=”left” width=”60%”]Everyone can keep informed via our facebook page which we will update with the status of the competition. Prize winners and all entrants will be informed late September/ early October.  The Clean Coasts Photography Awards ceremony will then take place in November 2013 (date to be confirmed).[/mantra-pullquote]


Clean Coasts Facebook page (link)


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