WW1 - Local Regiment in the trenchesThe Kilkenny Great War Memorial committee has published a leaflet explaining their ambition to erect a memorial in the grounds of St Mary’s Church to honour the Kilkenny men and women who gave their lives in the horrific world war of 1914 – 18. The leaflet is also designed to facilitate the collection of the names of any additional Kilkenny men and women who gave their lives in the conflict but who haven’t yet been included.

From the leaflet:

This historic location [St Mary’s Church] will be a fitting site to honour publicly our own flesh and blood who selflessly made the ultimate sacrifice in the war to end all wars. 

The memorial will also include an interpretive centre located in St. Mary’s Church where an additional Roll of Honour will display the names of all those from Kilkenny who served and suffered as casualties of war. 

The leaflet, in PDF format, can be downloaded here: Kilkenny Great War Memorial leaflet

Please download the leaflet to read full details of the committee’s plans for this worthwhile venture and do what you can to support the efforts.

This very worthwhile project is supported by Kilkenny Local Authority

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