Lastolite Xpobalance 38cmAt our KPS meeting yesterday evening (2013-03-13) our scheduled guest presenter, Podge Kelly, was unable to attend and in his place Seamus Costelloe presented a demonstration workshop on portraiture lighting. We’re very grateful to Seamus for stepping in at short notice and conducting this interesting and informative workshop.


The lighting topics covered by Seamus included:

  • Setting up you camera for studio portraiture
    • Using the Lastolite XpoBalance for colour correction and white balance.
  • Use of a light meter
  • Light modifiers for off camera flash – The Impact Strobros Beauty Dish
  • Single source lighting for mood portraits
    • modifying single source with a reflector
  • Two light sources: Key light with rim light to sculpt subject from background
  • Three light sources: Key light and 2 rim lights at 45 degree angles.

Seamus demonstrated these scenarios with KPS “volunteer” model Larry Wemyss as a his subject. Our thanks to Larry for his stoic patience during the workshop 🙂

Link for Lastolite XpoBalance on
ink fir Impact Strobros Beauty Dish Version 2 on B&H Website

KPS Portrait Lighting Workshop - Photo 1

Seamus demonstrates a point during workshop


The model and the reflector stand !

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