A very Happy New Year to all our members.

It’s the time of the year again for the SACC Interclub Competition (previously known as Annual Competition and Exhibition) for which images will be required.

* Up to 20 jpeg images (or Tiff files) from members of the KPS should be submitted no later than 14th January 2016.

* Images will be accepted on our first night back, 7th January 2016, or can be dropped into the Pembroke Hotel for the attention of Andy or Derville, please include your name.

* As the Competition is early this year, due to Easter being in March, its important to get the images in ASAP. Thank you for your co-operation.

* A maximum of two images from an individual may appear on a panel, therefore the maximum number of images from one photographer over all three panels is six images.

* A panel of ten monochrome prints, ten colour prints and ten digitally projected images will be submitted. Two additional images per panel will also have to be included to act as substitutes.

The Competition Secretaries appoint a subcommittee to assist with the selection of images for Competition Panels. Images will be chosen on their merits. Submission of images does not guarantee selection for the final panels.

Further information will be updated when it becomes available.

Kilkenny Photographic Society
Competition Secretary

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