Monthly Themes for 2017/2018


Get Snapping!

These are the themes for the monthly competitions 2017/18. Members may enter two photos for each competition. Entries can be B&W or Colour. While the Monthly Themes will not change the closing dates may be subject to change. CLICK INTO THE TABS


Closing date is 24th September

Closing date is 19th October

The closing date is 19th November



Closing date is 11th January. All images to be mounted. Judging will take place on 18th January.



Closing date is 4th February. Judging will take place on 15th February.


Mark Desmond – Advanced Winner


Closing Date is 4th March. Judging on 15th March



Closing date is 1st April. Judging will take place on 12th April.



Closing date is 10th May. Judging will take place on 24th May.



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