Tim Pile promo imageThanks to the SACC we have a unique opportunity to attend a presentation by the award winning fine art photographer Tim Pile on Sept 25th in Kilkenny. This will take place on Sept 25th in the Pembroke Hotel at 7:45pm.

To allow us to avail of this opportunity we’ve postponed our AGM for a week (New AGM date is Oct 2nd). We’ll send a separate email to members with details of the AGM agenda within the next week.

We will be inviting members of neighbouring Camera clubs to attend this presentation.

The SACC are bringing Tim to Ireland and they are holding a seminar on Sept 23rd in the Imperial Hotel, Cork. The SACC have kindly afforded us the opportunity to have a second seminar in Kilkenny on the 25th.

The following is an extract from the SACC website regarding Tim Pile’s visit:

(Tim Pile) . . is an extremely prolific exhibitor, and has won over 40 gold medals in international exhibitions over the past 2 years, including a FIAP gold at Cork International Salon of Photography and FIAP gold and best image in the exhibition at Tallaght International Salon of Photographic Art. He will be showing all his award winning prints along with a selection of his stunning work.

You can see the full SACC post here. (http://sacc.ie/tim-pile/).

Tim Pile’s photographic work is in the area of Fine Art Nude Photography so members interested in this genre should definitely attend. All images in Tim’s presentation will be in print format.

tim pile kps

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