KK_festival-trad-fest-2014-logoTradFest Kilkenny 2014.

Throughout each year Kilkenny Tourism continues to keep up entertained and enthralled with a well paced flow of tourist oriented festivals across the wide spectrum of arts, entertainment and interests. Next up this year is the 2014 TradFest Kilkenny which will be held on St Patrick’s Weekend (Fri 14th – Mon 17th March).

This is not just a trad music and dance festival, there are additional events such as Cartoon Saloon Animation Workshop on Saturday 15th for children. (See more details on the Festival website – link below).

Like all the Kilkenny festivals this again brings additional opportunities for all photographers. Prepare to polish you lenses, change your batteries and get out around the city, and county, to capture images of the the parades, events and sessions, and of course the atmosphere and craic!

Log on to the Kilkenny Tourism website for further details of the Trad Festival.

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