As the upcoming “Family” themed competition is the first time in the recent past that we’ve run a multiple image competition, we’ve had a few enquiries asking for clarification of some aspects. The following may help to answer some of your questions:

This is a projected competition and participating members should submit 5 images (mono or colour or both) that represents their interpretation of the theme . The interpretation of the theme is up to the individual member and doesn’t need to represent an immediate family unit or even represent a “human” family.

In addition to the 5 individual images members may also submit a 6th image in story-board / contact sheet format, i.e. one additional image containing thumbnails of the 5 main images. This 6th image is not mandatory and will not be included in the judging.

The judging of the submissions will take place during the week between “hand-in” (Feb 20) and “results” night (Feb 27).

On “results” night the images will be projected on the meeting room TV. Any “Story-board” images submitted will be included with the member’s projected images. Members may opt to discuss their interpretation of the theme after their images have been displayed.  It will be totally at the discretion of the individual member whether (s)he wishes to discuss their images. As judging will be finalised before the evening of the 27th the discussion will have no impact on the results.

Images may be submitter via your KPS Dropbox folder or handed to the Competition Secretary on the evening of Feb 20 on a USB thumb drive or on CD/DVD.
If you’re using your Dropbox folder please create a “Family” sub-directory in it for your images. This will facilitate collation of the images by the Competition Secretary. Also please let the Competition Secretary know that you’ve loaded the images to Dropbox. Thanks.

Note: For projected competitions, Landscape images should be saved at 1920 pix × 1080 pix as they will be viewed on a 16-9 ratio monitor.
Portrait Images should be 1080 Pix on the long side.

Please use the following Image Naming / filename format:

For example:       0736_family_3.jpg
Submit your images in JPG format and save at the highest quality.

If you have any difficulty in saving you images to these specification please discuss it with other club members.

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