We wish all our members a very Happy New Year and every success in 2017. We will resume our weekly club meeting on Thursday, 5th January at 8 pm. This will be a members night and members will have the opportunity to share their photos from the recent night time shoot. If you wish to share your photos bring them along on a USB key. The 5th January is also the closing date for the December Competition. The theme is “Window Light”. This is a print competition and if you intend entering then familiarise yourself with the rules for print competitions. These can be found on the website > members area> downloads>monthly competition rules.

The next competition (January) is projected and the theme is “CREATIVE”. The closing date is 2nd February. Entries should be uploaded to Picturk. On 12th January club member, Niall Hirsch, will give a presentation on “Images from Santorini, Greece, 2016.


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