KPS Logo SmallWeekly meeting – Apr 10, 2014

Meeting Location: Pembroke Hotel, Patrick Street, Kilkenny. 8:00pm

We have two interesting event at this weeks meeting with a presentation by visual artist Gypsy Ray and the judging of the ‘Nurture’ Competition

This weeks’s activities: 

  1. Update on KPS planned events and photography related topics.
  2. Judging of the Nurture competition.
  3. Presentation by Gypsy Ray.

Our judge for the ‘Nurture’ competition this evening is KPS member Seamus Costelloe, FIPF. Seamus is founding member of KPS and holds a Fellowship from the Irish Photographic Federation (IPF).

Our guest presenter this evening is Gypsy Ray.

Mark and Maria by Gypsy RayGypsy Ray is a visual artist who has used photography as an important part of her practice, and in her teaching. She has taught photography at third level for almost 20 years and has worked on a variety of projects.  Her talk tonight will be “thinking outside the box” – exploring new ideas and projects.  Time permitting she will show some of the work the Carlow Photographic Society did when she worked with them on their exhibition “Night Specific”

Gypsy has lived in Kilkenny since 2000 and has taught diverse subjects in art.  Her work is featured in various collections including the US Library of Congress, and the British Museum’s Wellcome Trust Gallery.

To see some of Gypsy’s work please visit:

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