Weekly meeting – Apr 23, 2015
Meeting Location: Pembroke Hotel, Patrick Street, Kilkenny. 8:00pm

This week we have the inaugural meeting of the Kilkenny, Carlow and Portlaoise Photographic Societies – the meeting will be held in Kilkenny. As you already know, members from one club have been photographing another club’s town. This evening we’ll be presenting 20 to 25 images from each Societies work on this project.

  • Kilkenny members photographed Portlaoise
  • Portlaoise members photographed Carlow, and,
  • Carlow members photographed Kilkenny.

This week’s planned activities: 

  • Informal gathering at 8:00pm – refreshments (tea, coffee) will be served.
  • Update on photography related events and topics.
  • Presentation of project images by each club.


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