darkroom-backgroungWeekly meeting – May 1, 2014
Meeting Location: Pembroke Hotel, Patrick Street, Kilkenny. 8:00pm

At this week’s meeting we have the judging and results from our “Lines” competition and we look at the world of printing film negatives using a Dark Room. For those of us who came to the world of photography in recent years, and are only familiar with digital media, this is a chance to see how developing and printing was done before the advent of the digital camera and digital post-processing.

This weeks’s activities:

  1. KPS planned events and photography related topics.
  2. Judging and results from our “Lines” competition.
  3. Demonstration of Film printing in the Dark Room by Larry Wemyss and John Hughes.

If you missed the Youtube video on the demise of 35mm film the first time around, you can view the dramatic monologue here. However, rumours of the death of 35mm film are greatly exaggerated, as many of our long standing members will testify to! 🙂


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