Ciara DrennanWeekly meeting – May 15, 2014
Meeting Location: Pembroke Hotel, Patrick Street, Kilkenny. 8:00pm

This week we have two firsts: The judging of our first Picturk competition and a presentation on Music Event photography by Ciara Drennan.

Ciara, who is our judge for this evenings competition, is a professional photographer based in Portlaoise. In addition she’s a member of the Portlaoise Camera Club and holds a AIPF distinction. Ciara will present her AIPF panel and give a presentation on Music Event photography.

Ciara’s website:
Ciara on Facebook
nterview with Ciara on IPF Website: In the Spotlight

This weeks’s activities:

  1. KPS planned events and photography related topics.
  2. Judging and results from our inaugural Picturk competition.
  3. Presentation by Ciara Drennan of her AIPF panel and she’ll also share her experiences with Music Event photography.
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