Weekly meeting – May 22, 2014
Meeting Location: Pembroke Hotel, Patrick Street, Kilkenny. 8:00pm

We’ve got a busy evening planned for this week’s meeting following the success of our KPS panels in the SACC and IPF Inter-clubs competition and also Seamus’s great success in the individual mono section of these competitions. We’ll also have a viewing of Brian Deering’s successful LIPF panel; congratulations to Brian on new IPF distinction.
Don’t forget that this week is also the hand in for KPS Transport print competition.

This weeks’s activities:

  1. KPS planned events and photography related topics.
  2. KPS Print Competition Hand In  – Theme:  Transport.
  3. Viewing of successful KPS panel from SACC Regional and IPF final Inter-Clubs competition.
  4. Viewing of Brian Deering’s successful LIPF panel.


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