This evenings activity:  Showing of the Night Photography images from last week.
Pembroke Hotel at 8:00pm

This evenings activity will be a review of the images taken during the Night Photography outing last Thursday.
Additional Note: Don’t forget that this Thursday (17th) is also the hand in night for images for the National Shield. (See separate post).

All members who participate are encouraged to bring along their images. We’ll set up the TV screen in the meeting room to display them. However, printed images are also welcome.

For projected images the usual specifications apply:

Image dimensions:
Images will be projected on a full HD TV in a ration of 16:9.
Landscape images:  1920 x 1080 Pix
Portrait entries will be at a height of 720 Pix and when displayed will have a black band on both sides.
Image type: jpg
Some additional notes: 
(a) If possible please check your image on a HDTV to satisfy yourself regarding the resolution, sharpeness, etc
(b) On the night bring along your images on a CD or USB thumb drive.
(c) You are advised to re-size your image before applying sharpening.
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