KPS-Logo-Small 125 x 125KPS Weekly meeting – Sept 24, 2015
Meeting Location: Pembroke Hotel, Patrick Street, Kilkenny. 8:00pm

This evening is our 2nd meeting of the new KPS year – 2015 / 16.

This week’s planned activities:

  • Registration of membership for the new KPS year – 2015 / 16.
  • Hand in of images for selection of the National Shield Panels. The timeframe is short for panel selection by the Competition Selection committee so please bring your images tomorrow if possible.
    • This is open to members who have not yet achieved an “L” distinction or above..
    • Remember there are 3 panels – Colour, Monochrome and Projected, so please submit your colour and mono images.
  • Introduction of planned new magazine called “Kilkenny Pictorial”
  • Organisation of members into technical groups by camera equipment type, i.e. Canon, Nikon and Sony, for future tuition sessions.
  • Bring your camera, tripod, etc., as we’re planning a night shoot, time and weather permitting.


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